The AJW Performance Organizational Culture

Recently I went over a chapter in a business book for college that spoke about organizational culture. I thought that taking a change of pace an talking about AJW Performance’s own organizational culture may be an interesting topic for our weekly blog.

AJW Performance has always had a very clear vision set forth by the owner and manager, Andrew Wallace. The company has always strived to provide the BEST customer support in the industry and to give competitive pricing on performance products.

AJW Performance started as a one man shop with drop shipping being the primary way to get product to customers. Over the years the shop was moved from a dorm room to a functional ship in Fairhaven MA. A year later, the shop moved again the Wareham MA to a larger facility to showcase more products and provide more effective services. Another year later and we are where we currently reside in Bow New Hampshire. This facility offers us a large area to hold product and the square footage that we need to provide the best service around.

While many people only see the service aspect of AJW Performance they easily forget the office aspect that backs it. While Andrew operates as a primary Manager of individuals and automotive vehicles AJW also employs a full customer service/support and Marketing and Media production staff as well. It’s truly enlightening to see the change in AJW over the years.

With this upcoming show season you can be sure to see AJW Performance around, please stop by and say hello and maybe we can talk about your own organizational culture!

– Allen