Product Spotlight: ISC Coilover Covers

Some History on ISC Coilover Covers:

About a year ago the product development team sat down to try and come up with an idea for something that would help to prevent the damage that coilovers experience during New England winters. After going back and forth with a few ideas the team came up with a plan to develop something simple but effective. The end result was the ISC Coilover Cover or to some people the coilover “sock”. This Coilover Cover is made of neoprene, the same material that many manufacturers use in their wet suits. On one side you have the ISC logo and on the other a strip of strong velcro. While the velcro enclosure is enough to keep the Coilover Cover on, zip ties are also included for added security.


The first testing of these covers were on a backcountry snowmobile. These sleds experience lots of exposure to the elements and after a whole winter with these covers on the sled’s coilovers looked like new. We also had our employees run them on their personal vehicles, and the results were really impressive. Much less surface corrosion than without through a pretty rough winter this past year in New Hampshire.
While the point of these covers was originally protection from winter elements it does not mean that they are not usable or beneficial for use in areas that do not experience snow. These covers also keep sand, dust, dirt, mud, and other natural elements away from the threads of your coilover shafts. At ISC we wanted to create a product that would be affordable and help people save money. We have received a lot of feedback over the past year that has been overwhelmingly positive! Below are some quick facts vs fiction on our coilover covers.

FACT: ISC Coilover Covers are designed to withstand natural elements like sand and moisture.
FACT: ISC Coilover Covers are strong and affordable.
FACT: ISC Coilover Covers work on almost ALL major coilovers.

FICTION: Coilover Covers are only useful for people in the winter.
FICTION: Coilover Covers don’t last long
FICTION: Coilover Covers only fit ISC Coilovers

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