ISC Suspension now Offering BRZ/FRS Drift Bars!

ISC Suspension is always coming out with new and innovative products. To continue their drifting oriented products and following a great year of Clubloose North Drifting they are now release the Drift Bar that they used during the season to the public. This Drift Bar is amde of the same material and in the same process as the one that was on their drift BRZ. It’s a solid piece and looks and feel great on the car. It fits right under the front bumper like an OEM crash bar and is much more secure than the bar that the car comes with. It is worthwhile to note that this is for people who drift or track their car. This is not a replacement for the OEM crash bar and has not been tested in front end collisions. However it is great for avoiding barriers as well as tire barriers :).


The drift bar comes in a raw finish, but it is ready for you to send it to the powdercoater and have it match your vehicle. ISC Suspension is also selling their pre-painted WRB bar here.


The World Rally Blue bar can be seen above on ISC’s BRZ. It matches really well and allows you to still use the OEM bumper! What can be better than that?

The Bar has the following specifications:

  • Requires no modification
  • Fits under bumper
  • Comes in raw finish
  • Replaces OEM crash bar, increases protection of critical areas and protects more than the OEM
  • MIG welded
  • Machine rolled
  • Waterjet flanges
  • Pricing Starts at $225
  • Our Price: $195!


The bar has professional level welds to keep the entire thing together. It also has water jet cut flanges for a clean crisp line. The Bends are made by an Ercolina Rolling Machine to ensure a high level of quality and a slight clean bend.

This bar is really nice and is coming in a limited availability capacity. ISC is waiting to see if the product picks up and if it does to produce more of these. They are limited, so gets yours now from AJW Performance. You can find the bar at the following link here. We can be contacted at or 603-715-9076! We hope to hear from you all soon!

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