Week Wrap Up, Fender Rolling & New ISC Catalogs

It’s spring time here in New Hampshire but it sure doesn’t feel like it! We know that it is coming though and people are beginning to bring their performance vehicles out of hibernation. With this comes new wheels, performance parts, and coilovers to bring them back down and looking good with low profile tires and clean wheels. A customer names Josh gave us an emergency call this week and needed a fender rolling asap! He recently purchased new wheels, and due to how low he was he was rubbing through his tires! This is unacceptable and AJW Performance came to the rescue!

Fender Rolling is a delicate process and takes time. Someone rolling a fender incorrectly could cause permanent damage to their fenders and more importantly their paint. Never attempt to do a fender rolling if you do not have the proper experience, tools, and time.

Our customer needed the rears done and not the fronts, so it became an even more delicate process. Rear Fenders are not easy to replace! Our technician Kyle is an ace though, and took his time getting the fenders nice and warm before rolling them. No paint chips here!


This week we also received a surprise package from ISC Suspension. They recently released their first product catalog, full of products and gorgeous photos to look at. The entire catalog looks really well done and we will have them for display around the shop!


Do you need your fenders rolled? Your vehicle aligned? Performance parts installed onto your vehicle? AJW Performance is here for you and we can help! Give us a call at 603-715-9076

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