The Ford Focus ST

One of the newest vehicles that AJW Performance has been proud to add to it’s line card is the Ford Focus ST.

The Modern Ford Focus ST debuted in the Summer of 2012. The vehicle originally came with 252 BHP from a turbocharged 2.0l Ecoboost engine. The Ford Focus ST is still around today and it is a highly popular car now in the automotive community. With simple bolt on the vehicle can be a true powerhouse and even through it is a FWD vehicle it is fast and feels great. The new Ford Focus ST is a true Hot Hatch and can be traced back to European Styling.

The Ford Focus itself has quite the history. It grew to eventually passed the Toyota Corolla to become the world’s best selling automobile nameplate. It replaced the Ford Escort which was known as one of Fords Rally Cars. The Focus was available starting in 1998. It’s had three generations to grow into the type of vehicle that it is today and has deep ties to the European Market. For a short period of time the Ford Focus ST was only sold in Europe and when the Ford Focus ST was announced Ford decided to consolidate their models and allow America to the have the same sporty models as Europe.

Thankfully Ford has finally listened to us and released the Ford Focus ST for North America and Europe. We can now all enjoy the sporty looks of the Ford Focus at an affordable price! For customers who already have a Ford Focus, please check our our dedicated Ford Focus Section that can be found here: Ford Focus Store

Thank you for reading, next week we discuss the Ford Fiesta ST!

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