The AJW Performance 818 Exhaust Has Arrived

Our 818 Exhaust has finally arrived! The AJW Performance Exhaust has been in development for several months and has gained a huge audience on the Factory Five Forums. Our original thread can be found here:




The AJW Performance exhaust features full 304 Stainless Steel construction and contains a Bell mouth flange into a full 3 inch system,. It includes the Turbo to downpipe gasket for added convenience and also contains an extra o2 bung for air fuel gauges. AJW Performance also offers Vibrant Performance’s full suite of aftermarket catalytic converters, resonators, and mufflers to create one of the most adjustable exhaust on the market.

The exhaust was designed so that it did not need to be welded, and vibrant’s easy seal clamps help to assist with that. Pricing starts at $175 and there are other options like the ones below available.

Purchase your here:!/AJW-Performance-818-Exhaust/p/47345257/category=12313138

Catalytic Coverters
High Flow Race Cat (Race)
Street Metal Core (Race)
Street Ceramic Core (Street)
Street Mufflers
Ultra Quiet Resonator (3 in Outlet 14 in long)
SS Reasonator (3 in Outlet 12 in long)
SS Reasonator (3 in Outlet 18 in long)
SS Reasonator (3 in Outlet 18 in long w/ 5 in Res Body
Race Mufflers
3 In Outlet 9 in Long 3.75 Muffler Body OD
3 In Outlet 5 In Long (Special order)
Lightweight Aluminum Muffler
Race Muffler 3 In Outlet 5 In OD x 14 in Overall length
Exhaust Sleeve (Need 2 per Cat, or Muffler)
Easy Seal Clamp 3in

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