Spring is here! Show season prep!

Spring is here and that means so is show season!

Well it’s that time of year again. We spent months freezing all day and seeing the gray gloomy weather that Winter brings us in New England. Short amounts of daylight and uncomfortable temperatures mean many car enthusiasts spend their time buying all of their car parts and stockpiling them inside until those first few Spring days show up.


Now that the snow is melted and the temps are starting to rise, more and more enthusiasts are prepping their car for show season. Let’s take a look at the things we should focus on to make sure our car is ready.


It’s always nice to start off your spring vehicle prep by running through the car and make a list of any maintenance that you may have skimped on throughout the colder months. Changing or topping off fluids, checking suspension components as well as replacing belts that our lovely salty winter roads love to eat up. Once those things are taken care of we are ready to move onto the next step.


For the last few months, you’ve been searching for deals on a bunch of fancy new go fast parts and exterior/interior parts to make your car stand out. Time to clear off that kitchen table and install that shiny stainless steel exhaust or those new racing seats that your cats been sleeping on. Don’t forget to take those factory wheels with winter tires off and store them away. Those new Enkeis with brand spanking new rubber are just begging to be installed!


Last a nice detailing. Not just a quick run through the touchless car wash. It’s time to dive in deep. Clean all of the remaining salt and winter gunk from the under body of your car, it will help prolong the integrity of your undercarriage. Follow that up with a thorough exterior wash and a solid afternoon of waxing your paint. Salt and sand have a way of making their way into our cars and this is the perfect time to dig into all the nooks and crannies and get them out!


Now that you have done your maintenance, installed your vast collection of new performance parts and given your car a thorough cleaning, you are ready to enjoy the show season! If you see us at a meet, come say hi!


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