Product Spotlight: Perrin Performance 3 Inch Catback Exhaust for Subaru BRZ & Scion FRS

This week we’d like to feature Perrin’s 3inch catback for the Subaru BRZ.


This piece is put together wonderfully and will look amazing on your BRZ or FRS. You can tell Perrin takes great care when they produce their exhausts for the BRZ, FRS, WRX, STi, and all other vehicles. Every weld looks perfect and done with purpose, no spotty odd jobs can be found on these exhausts! Perrin utilizes 304 Stainless Steel for their exhaust which provides corrosion resistance and allows the exhaust to withstand temperatures of up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some manufacturers use cheaper stainless steel but Perrin is a company devoted to quality and wants people to have these exhausts last them a lifetime. Another great feature of Perrin’s exhaust are the use of high quality V-Bands. V-Bands are designed to withstand tons of pressure, so Perrin incorporated them into their exhaust design. The gasket less design of their exhaust makes it easy to install and uninstall the exhaust if you need to. There is also no need to constantly replace gaskets once they wear down!

At the end of the exhaust you will find 4 inch slash cut tips. These tips are oval and double walled and will not discolor with extreme temperatures. They really add an aggressive look to the BRZ and FRS.

In the box you will find the following items:

1x 3inch Muffler, 1x 3 inch midpipe, 1x 3 inch S-Pipe, you will also find all installation hardware, license plate frames, instructions, warranty information, and even some Perrin Stickers!


We purchased this catback to put on our BRZ that will be a dedicated track toy this spring/summer/fall. We have seen Perrin’s quality throughout the years and we knew that we could trust their products.

Installation of the Perrin catback is simple and straight forward, you will first need to remove all existing pieces of exhaust after your resonator. This process should be simple but if it does not seem to be working for you reach out to a tech or schedule an appointment and we can help you out! Remember, always use a lift or a jack and jack stands. DO NOT use just a Jack, it is very, very dangerous and can cause seriously bodily injury or harm.

_MG_0662Remove your stock exhaust up to this point…

From this point, install your new midpipe. It is okay to let it hand while you get everything together. You may want to stage your first V-band clip to help you out. Keep everything hand tight at this point, you will want to tighten everything down evenly once you have the full system installed.



Next step is to install your S-pipe, it will go right into place and will fit up to the factory exhaust hangar locations. If you are having difficulty installing the mounting points into the hangars a little bit of PB blaster may assist you.



Now you are ready to install the muffler itself, once again this process should be as simple as throwing the mounting points into the exhaust hangars but sometimes can be tricky. Use lubrication from PB blaster or another type of automotive lubrication.


Now that everything is installed you can go back and tighten things down! Make sure to double check all bolts to ensure that they are tighten down, there is nothing worse than a leaky, or rattly exhaust!


Now you are ready to enjoy your new Perrin Performance Exhaust!

For reference, this is what we were replacing… quite the upgrade!



The Perrin Performance catback is a very versatile and powerful piece. The tone of the exhaust is perfect, and the quality of the exhaust cannot be talked about enough. While we have not had a chance to dyno test the vehicle, we can already tell that the vehicle is much more responsive and more fun to drive. The exhaust does not drone too much at all and is very mellow. We will post more on how the exhaust performance into the future!

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