Product Spotlight: Perrin E4-Series Equal Length Headers

Perrin has just release their latest version of their Equal Length Headers. This time they have dubbed them the E4-Series. This series of headers comes in a normal sized Equal Length variant as well as a Big Tube Variant that makes more Horespower. Both are lovely looking pieces and have Perrin’s quality welds and are made of 304 Stainless Steel. Perrin has always impressed us, and that’s why we use a lot of their products. We still currently have their previous version of the big tube headers on our RSTi.


Above: The Perrin E4-Series Equal Length Header


Above: The Perrin E4-Series Big Tube Equal Length Header

The Perrin Performance Equal Length Headers are not simply a re package of their previous variants, they are a totally new re-designed package. The collectors have been re-designed so that there is improved exhaust flow. They also now feature a lower profile design so that there is more ground clearance.


These headers are also sized correctly to make more power. They are not grossly oversized to “look” impressive. The smaller header utilizes 1.5″ primary tubing that is expanded at the flange to fit the Subaru exhaust port size. This is perfect for cars with up to 400 WHP. For cars looking to surpass that we recommend the big tube header. The Big tube Header uses 1.625″ Primary tubing. This header is designed for cars making upwards of 500 WHP.


The flanges are another great selling point on these headers. These headers are machines from 304 stainless steel and counter-bored on the back side to make smooth transitions. They are also sized correctly to ensure they matte up correctly and to provide proper flow.

These headers also provide a great sound and have a high quality finish. Perrin Performance provides a brushed stainless steel look for it’s parts. As a note, individuals using a 2.0 L WRX will need to utilize the 2.5l oil pan for proper fit.


Perrin Performance really has a high quality product here that we are looking forward to selling. We’re glad to see them continually move forward and improve their products and we cannot wait to see what they bring to the table for their next big product. Questions about the product? No worries, contact AJW Performance at 603-715-9076 X1 to speak with a Sales Rep who can answer questions for you!

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