Product Spotlight: ISC Suspension-NA Wheel Adapters

Hello folks, today we’re going to be showing you a product that we really enjoy, the ISC Suspension-NA Wheel Adapters 5X100 to 5X114.3.

ISC’s wheel adapters are the perfect tool for obtaining the perfect offset on a set of 5X114.3 wheels, something that is sought after for the WRX crowd. These are available in 15 and 25mm and are a great piece and will be a welcome addition to anyone who is looking to bring out their wheels a little bit for to get that “flush” look.

Below is the actual description of the product from ISC,

“Finally, A name brand Subaru wheel adapter that works well and is affordable! No sense in paying 450.00 for competitors adapters any longer. This set  ( 4) of bolt pattern adapters will allow you to bolt STI fitment wheels (5×114) to your WRX (Legacy, Forester, BRZ or any 5×100 Subaru)! Unlike most bolt pattern adapters, these are available in 15mm AND 25mm(SKU 16).

The ISC Subaru wheel adapters fit all 5×100 Subarus. Precision-CNC-machined billet aluminum bolt pattern adapters, and twenty special low-profile lug nuts. The adapters are hub-centric for both the car and wheels. Offered in both a anodized ISC gold, or a stealth black finish. ISC Logo is engraved on spacer as well.

Materials Used:

Adapter: CNC 7075 light weight high grade aluminum

Included Hardware: M12*1.25, Grade 10.9″

AJW Performance is proud to offer this product and many others that ISC Suspension-NA offers! Pricing can be found on our website’s store! Pick up a pair today!



Keep modifying everyone! AJW Performance, signing off!

Wheel Adapters can be found here:!/~/category/id=954685&offset=30&sort=normal

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