Product Spotlight: ISC Suspension Extended Wheel Studs for Subaru

Today we are looking at ISC Suspension’s newest product, the Extended Wheel Stud for Subaru vehicles. We consider ourselves the Subaru experts, and we have seen ARP before. These match ARP in quality and are cheaper and easier on the wallet which is good to see in the community.

These go for $35 for a set of 5, and ISC Suspension is doing introductory sales for customers who want to try them out and write a review. These wheel studs are about twice the length of the OEM ones, and feature a section at the front similar to the ARP ones so you can line up your lug nuts and reduce cross threading.


They are simple and easy to install, and ISC features an install guide on their website which can be found here.

They also include photos on how to install onto a hub like these ones which can be found in their install instructions.




Overall, these extended wheel studs are great quality! They are totally worth the purchase, and you can find them here on the website. If you are hesitant, don’t be! These things are going to sell like crazy.

ISC is currently doing an intro sale as well with their coilover covers. $180 for all 20 extended wheel studs, and 2x pairs of coilover covers. Coilover covers themselves are normally $100! So you are saving tons! Contact them at 603-715-9078 for the deal!

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