Performance Installs – Grimmspeed Up-pipe, EWG, and Headers!

Sean McGonagle gave us a call and advised us that he wanted to do some more performance parts on his 2011 WRX. Sean had service done with us in the past when it came to installing his downpipe and exhaust, and when his transmission went we took care of him and gave him the best service we could. He loves the car and wanted to give it a little more pep, and requested some info on headers, and external wastegates. With our consultation we decided to order him some Borla Headers, and Grimmspeed 38/40mm Uppipe, and a Turbosmart Comp 40. We also provided Sean with a Grimmspeed manual boost controller, and a grimmspeed wastegate block off bracket. Sean wanted to get the parts installed fast and we were able to get him in the next week.

Parts List:

Grimmspeed 38/40mm External Wastegate Uppipe

Borla Headers

Grimmspeed EWG Block off Bracket

Turbosmart Comp 40

Grimmspeed Manual Boost Controller


Grimmspeed’s EWG Up-pipe is known to be one of the better up-pipes. They also offer a Ceramic service o provide better thermal dissipation.


Another Grimmspeed product, their manual boost controller is clean and effective at managing boost levels.



Borla makes a quality header that is ready for the street and to create some added rumble!

The headers and up-pipe install went very smoothly. Thanks to Borla’s quality as well as Grimmspeeds these parts worked well together. It’s always important to make sure if you use 2 bolt that you stick with 2 bolt. A 3 bolt with 2 bolt header or uppipe won’t work and you’ll be stuck unable to install your products. Sean will be visiting Jay Perry on Monday to have the car Protuned. We will update this with his numbers and results!

All of these parts are available from us at the best price possible. Sean was in an out with these parts installed for a great price. These installs can sometimes be tricky, but we’re here to help and provide the best service at the lowest cost possible. There are no tricks or gimmicks to our performance, only a passion for helping our customers. Sean found out about what makes AJW Performance different, come and visit us today or call us to find out why we are different than other shops.

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