Motor Build for Casey Cobb

Hello again everyone! For you who follow our blog you know we JUST finished up a motor build for Jason Nelson. Around the time we finished that motor build we began interacting with Casey Cobb who had spun a bearing in his EJ255. Spun bearings can be common with Subaru WRX/STis as well as ringland failure and slew of other issues. Casey came to us trying to make a budget of about $6,000 dollars and was hopeful that we could get his motor up and running for that price.

We sat down and discussed the available options on what we could do, some things would have to be skipped like replacing the pistons for forged ones, and head machining was to be kept at a minimum. We were able to fit in some good pieces though such as a Killer B Oil pickup, and baffle. We also utilize a brand new STi short block, and Casey’s heads were clean enough that we were able to provide a thorough cleaning to them to keep them from failing. While this was not the ideal situation, we understand what it is like to build on a budget. Casey wanted to get the car back and running and was eager to get the car back.

This was a truly special feat, and we were able to finish this build in only one and a half weeks. Some shops have a waiting time of over 2 months! Thankfully we were able to get Casey in fast and get the parts here even quicker. When Casey dropped the car off we already had almost all of the parts here. Parts that we did not have were available within 2 days!


Above: Casey’s motor close to completion and ready to be dropped in.

Casey decided on the following parts at the end of the day for his Motor Build:

STi Short Block BBBB

OEM Subaru Gasket Kit

Killer B Oil Pickup

Killer B Oil Baffle

Torque Solutions Timing Belt Guide

Subaru STi Oil Pump

Subaru Blue Coolant

Gates Timing Belt Kit

One Step Colder Plugs

Perrin Pitch Stop Mount

OEM Subaru Clutch and Flywheel

Below you will find various photos of Casey’s motor and vehicle through stages of repair. We’re excited to get the car back in Casey’s hands so that he can enjoy it!


Above: Casey’s motor ready to be dropped into his car!


Above: Casey’s heads are dis assembled and cleaned before being re-installed. While this works, we always recommend having heads professionally machined.


Above: Casey’s motor is dropped into the car for re-assembly.


Above: The Final product! A super clean engine bay!


Above: The car turned our very clean!

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