Klaus Schuler Rotated Build

Klaus came to us with a Spun rod bearing! He decided that this time he wanted to go big, and we mean really big! After a lot of discussions with the AJW Performance team Klaus decided to go with a rotated turbo kit from Perrin Performance and a GTX3076R a big massive Turbocharger! Kalus also utilized various supporting mods such as a brand new STi BBBB short block with Manley forged pistons. He also went this some MSI fuel rails, Perrin headers, and more! We will cover more of Klaus’s build in the next blog dedicated to this car. We are going for a reliable 450 WHP, so we’re pretty excited to see this build come together so quickly!


Kyle prepares to install the new Manley pistons to replace the OEM ones on Klau’s motor build.


Killer B oil pickup and windage try installed, these are two items that make for very cheap insurance!


Kyle installs the new ACL Orbit Oil pickup onto the motor. Orbit performance oil pumps are designed with high output and volume capabilities required for high RPM performance engines (see flow data chart). The gerotors are precision machined from steel-copper alloy (FC0205), an exceptionally durable metal that assures dependability and durability. Tight housing and gerotor tolerances provide optimum pressure and flow requirements. Housings are die cast DC-12 aluminum and are anodized to prevent corrosion. All pumps are individually inspected and tested.

Flow Information:
RPM Liters/Min Gal/Min Hi Volume Liters/Min Hi Volume Gals/Min 600 4.9 1.29 8.5 2.25 3000 16.8 4.44 28.8 7.61 5000 41.3 10.91 51.2 13.53


Kyle begins to add the accessories onto Klaus motor


All accessories are given a thorough parts cleaner treatment before installation.


All nice and clean and assembled!


Onto the intake manifold and headers!

Next week we will outline the specific modification that helped Klaus get to this point as well as show you some photos and videos of the end project! Stay tuned!

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