Jason Nelson’s Motor Build Part 1

This blog post will be a two part! Jason Nelson recently approached us to work with his Insurance company to evaluate his motor that recently blew in his GR WRX STi. Jason recently drove through some water, and believed that the water may have been the cause of the damage. We had the car brought to us, the Subaru experts, and began tearing the motor down right away. Once removed we could see evidence of water, and the Insurance company wanted the motor torn down to the bearings. We complied and could see signs of a spun bearing, most likely caused by water damage. For such a hydrating liquid it sure can cause problems in our beloved cars!

After a short period of time the Insurance company decided to cover the claim, and we began working on the motor right away. Jason decided to go with Forged Manley Pistons, and a STi Short block. While the motor was apart he also decided to go with an Orbit Oil Pump, Killer B Pickup and Baffle, ARP Headstuds, Gates Timing Belt with OEM Water Pump, and some new Subaru Blue coolant. Jason also went with some 8mm Phenolic spacers, and TGV deletes as well.


Waiting for refreshed heads and more performance parts!


Perfect BBBB setup!


Pistons, Headstuds, Oil Pump, and Timing Belt for Jason’s car.


Some misc Subaru components, OEM water pump, and Blue coolant for longevity!

All in all Jason’s motor build should come out great, and we’re excited for the car to be up and running. You will hear more about this build when the time get’s closer for the motor to be dropped in and for it to start back up with a new heart installed!

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