It’s all about Service!

AJW Performance has been booming for the past few weeks with service work! We’ve got a lot of projects go on and it is the height of busy season. This week started out with a 11+ STi Sedan that came in for a set of coilovers, control arms, and an alignment. The car came out really well and the customer was very, very happy with the install and the work that we performed. We were really pleased with how it came out!


We also had the ability to work on a customers 818 some more and get the motor dropped in. These cars are tough to work on because of how intricate they are, but we have the knowledge and expertise to really get the car done right. This 818 is special, it is fully painted and really well done, so extra special care is taken when we remove any panels and move the vehicle around.


Today we also had a GR dropped of for some motor work. The vehicle sucked up water and the motor starting working in correctly. We are going to appraise it for the customer, and then they are going to try and have it repaired. We’re always up for motor builds and service!

It has been a busy week but we always find time for our customers and pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry. Is it time for you to service your car? If so give us a call and we will be happy to take care of you!

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