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With a couple of drift ready 350z’s under way, we figured now was a better time than ever to scoop up another for the shop.We picked up this beautiful emerald green 350z that had an unfortunate meeting with a wall. With the entire radiator support pushed back a good 6 inches and driver frame end equally as mangled, this Z has quite the bumpy road ahead, but we will get her fixed up.


Starting off with clearing out all of the damaged parts, radiator support, headlight brackets and headlights, driver fender and power steering cooler just to name a few. Once all of the broken bits were removed, we assessed what was needed to return it to stock and started ordering our replacement parts.


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Since the parts were ordered, we decided to get a bit of a leap on fixing the frame rail and making it suitable for the new radiator support. We cut the mangled section and welded in square tubing for strength. Once the new radiator support was in we were able to mock up and finish the mounting supports for the driver side. Along with mounting up our Mishimoto radiator and ISR bash bar.

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This should be a fun and not so little journey to get this Z back on track, but we are excited for this project!


November 6th 2017

With the Z  fixed back up, it was time to get her drift ready! We started off with our tried and true ebrake setup, utilizing Patinka Motorsports dual caliper brackets. We have used these on a few other cars, including the ISC 350z and love the beefy design and incredible usefulness they offer.





With the caliper bracket and new caliper installed, we got around to installing the hand brake and running the dedicated lines. We played around with the idea of keeping our center console in this car, overall I think it came out pretty cool! It will definitely take some getting used to with the location of it. Also, now was a good time to install our NRG quick release and wheel as well as Harness bar and 5 point racing harnesses.




We wrapped the car up on Friday, just in time for its first event, Team Oneil Drift School! We did not receive our ISC Suspension coilovers in time to install them and really were curious to see how the factory suspension handled. It was surprisingly great! Everyone who had a chance to drift the car had a great time and loved the feel. We are super excited to get our coilovers installed soon!

Here are some photos of the GreenZ shredding!

Drift School (136 of 499)

Drift School (103 of 499)

Drift School (145 of 499)

Drift School (419 of 499)




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