Customers Build, Blouch TD05, Forged Pistons, Full Rebuild

Hello folks, and Happy Tuesday!

What do you do when your Subaru motor gets hurt or broken?

Today we have a customers build! This past winter James had a harsh battle with his Oil Pan and needed to have his engine rebuilt. Who better to rebuild his engine then the folks at AJW am I right?

James spent a few days talking with Allen, Andrew, Meryl, and Kyle at AJW Performance working over the best course of action for his build and eventually decided to do many upgrades as well. There is no better time to upgrade then when your vehicle is already down!

James decided to go with rebuilt and refinished stock heads and fully rebuilt short block from Subaru with forged Manley pistons. In addition to the forged pistons James also decided to add some real power with a Blouch TD05-18GXT, DW Injectors, a Walboro 255 Fuel pump, Air pump delete, and a new turbo inlet and oil pick up and last but not least ARP Head-studs. This motor and build is solid!

To handle all the new added power James also decided to go with a new oem replacement flywheel and an FX300 clutch from Clutchmasters.

This build is 100% epic and we can’t wait to see how it is when the car is totally completed! Our mad scientist Kyle is working hard to get this one completed in the good old AJW timely manner.

Buy with AJW and have the confidence that your car is in the right hands!

Here are some photos!





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