AJW Performance Timing Belt Repairs on a Customer Vehicle

We had a very productive and busy week here at AJW Performance! This week consisted of a total of 3 alignments, a Subaru maintenance job, and dozens of part sales!
We came from Subaru, so that is what we know best! A customer came in needing a timing belt job and Kyle knew exactly what to do. Timing belts are also best done in conjunction with your water pump, so we did the full service for this customer. He came in with an Outback XT, a surprise treat and a very clean car. Fully loaded with Leather options and low miles are things that we love!



For Timing Belt jobs we always recommend Gates, you can find those here: http://ajwperformanceproducts.com/store/#!/Gates-Timing-Belt-Kit-for-08-11-Subaru-STi-and-05-09-Legacy-gt/p/4878875/category=9508072


Do you need to book some service? Give us a call today at 603-715-9076 and we would be happy to set you up! Spring and summer are coming, get your car ready to go!

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