AJW Performance Finalizes their 818S

The Factory Five 818 is truly an amazing vehicle. A rear wheel drive sports car that is Subaru powered. Pretty darn cool if you ask me, but even if you weren’t asking me I would still say it was cool. AJW Performance has had a great opportunity to provide lots of people with donor kits and knowledge to build these kits, however there is on thing we haven’t pushed for much on our own. Our own 818-S!

This month, we’re really pushing to finish our 818-S and get it on the road. This process began almost a year ago with us receiving our 818-S. Here is a photo from the day we received the kit.

818 Image

And here is the list of proposed modifications that will be done to the car in it’s entirety.

A mutt between numerous 02-07 Parts

XXR 527s w/ Ventus V12 Tires
15mm ISC 5×100 to 5×114 wheel adapters

ISC 6 Piston Front Brake Calipers
ISC Pads
ISC Stainless Lines
Link for pictures/ product info:
Goodridge Stainless Rear Lines
DBA 4000 Series Rear Rotors
Hawk HPS Rear Pads
Link for pictures/product info:

Engine (2.5l STi):
CP Pistons (stock bore)
ARP Studs
ACL Bearings
STI Nitrated Crank
Manley I Beam Rods
Killer B Baffle
Killer B Oil Pickup
Killer B Oil Pan
BC Stage 3 Cams
BC Valves/Springs/Retainers
Gates Racing Timing Belt Kit
TGV Deletes
8mm Intake Spacers
Ported and Coated Intake Manifold
Balanced and Printed Engine

Torque Solutions Air Pump Delete
Torque Solutions Engine and Trans Mounts

Clutch Masters Fx300
OEM Subaru Flywheel
Redline Fluids
Short Shifter
ISC Race Knob (Gold)


DW 1300CC Injectors
DW Pump

Top Secret Turbo (TBA)
Thermotec Turbo Blanket
Perrin 3 inch Inlet
KSTech Big Intake

Headers TBA
GS EWG Uppipe 44mm
Tial 44mm EWG
AJW Custom Turboback (pending production for public offerings)
Thermotec Exhaust Wrap

Top Secret

AEM Oil Pressure
AEM Wideband
AEM Boost
AJW/ Perry Tuned Mapping


MOMO Wheel
Works Bell Quick Release Hub
Takata Harnesses
STI Limited Leather Seats

Whiteline Sway Bar
Whiteline Bushings
Adjustable Coilovers

Lamin-X Protective Films
Aero- TBA

Silicone Hoses Throughout
Assorted Aluminum Shrouds/ Dressup

As you can see we had some very nice plans for this car, however while we were building it, another customer wanted the best motor that money could buy. We decided that it would be best to take the motor we currently had and sell it in the interest of time. Our tech Kyle had the motor out and the new motor in within one day. He truly is a mad man. Once the motor was out it was time to start buttoning the wiring and really get on the car.

AJW 818 Motor

We were very sad to see the motor go, but we were excited to get the new STi motor that we had in, even if it wasn’t the same. This motor will be going into a customers car and is expected to make at least 5-600 AWHP. The car that it is going into is a secret, however we will most likely cover this in a later blog.

We’re hard at work here trying to get the 818 ready to hit the streets, stay tuned for more updates! We also have a few more projects in the works… but more on that later! 😉

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