Agency Power Exhaust Install On Our 996- Dec 30 2011

Porsche Exhaust

We decided to install a Agency Power exhaust system on the AJW 996 C4.

The muffler system is high flowing stainless steel and moderately affordable in comparison to many of the other systems on the market.

Installation is pretty straight forward. This system utilizes the OEM tips so make sure to have a pair of OEM exhaust clamps handy because the existing ones might not be re-usable like they were in this case since this 996 is over 10 years old. This 996 also has a FabSpeed air intake modification and will soon be getting tuned.

We also installed a Lamin-X paint protection kit. The Lamin-X “clear Bra” is a great way to preserve your vehicles OEM paint especially here in harsh New England. This AWD vehicle is a New England warrier and can be seen taking exit ramps in mid January after a snow storm. Lamin- X kits start as low as 500.00 installed.


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