06 STI OEM Motor build pt. 2

After making a solid list of everything that was needed to get this car back on the road, parts started showing up! We started with assembling the heads and making sure all the valves/buckets had the proper clearances. Once we had our measurements the proper buckets were ordered.9b1bc56a-9852-49ae-b53f-4787904ed47c_zpsjvkheoxr-1

Next we started working on the brand new short block and started installing all of the short block parts. A brand new oil cooler and oil pump are on!

After the heads and block are assembled, its time to piece them together with a set of ARP head studs!


Once the long block is assembled, its time to hook up the intake manifold/fuel components. The turbo had a fair amount of metal particles ran through it, so a brand new VF39 was installed!


After adding on the flywheel and clutch, it was finally time to place the new motor back into this Hawkeye. Once installed, we will do a quick flush and add some Motul break in oil for the first 1000 miles.


Time to add the radiator and intercooler along with some connectors and hoses.

Although this wasn’t a high horsepower motor build, it was still fun seeing all the OEM parts make this Hawkeye drive-able again. After all its just to clean of a car to make its way to the scrap yard!

30f350ae-1202-4f8c-bdc1-79d76afc191c_zpsvturhbhz 66c92fab-0a11-4996-b44e-9eca293b49db_zpsouhotc8bAnd here it is completed!

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