06 STI OEM Motor build pt. 1

We received a phone call from a car dealer in New England with some terrible news. They had a very clean 2006 STI that developed a noticeable knock.  They were referred to us from a previous motor build customer, which we always appreciate!


It is never fun to see such a clean car break, but as always we are ready to tackle the job! We received the car and began the tear down process. The oil pan was full of different size bits of metal, we could tell this wasn’t going to be pretty. After removing the motor from the car and separating the heads from the block, this is what we found in cylinder 3:


What is left of the piston. 


The metal shavings that didn’t make it to the oil pan. 


You can see a mangled piston ring in the back.

The metal pieces made there way throughout the entire motor. This is going to be big list of  parts, but is going to be a completely new heart for this 06 STI. Now its time to get some parts here and start the rebuild! Stay tuned!

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