ISC Suspension now Offering BRZ/FRS Drift Bars!

ISC Suspension is always coming out with new and innovative products. To continue their drifting oriented products and following a great year of Clubloose North Drifting they are now release the Drift Bar that they used during the season to the public. This Drift Bar is amde of the same material and in the same process as the one that was on their drift BRZ. It’s a solid piece and looks and feel great on the car. It fits right under the front bumper like an OEM crash bar and is much more secure than the bar that the car comes with. It is worthwhile to note that this is for people who drift or track their car. This is not a replacement for the OEM crash bar and has not been tested in front end collisions. However it is great for avoiding barriers as well as tire barriers :).


The drift bar comes in a raw finish, but it is ready for you to send it to the powdercoater and have it match your vehicle. ISC Suspension is also selling their pre-painted WRB bar here.


The World Rally Blue bar can be seen above on ISC’s BRZ. It matches really well and allows you to still use the OEM bumper! What can be better than that?

The Bar has the following specifications:

  • Requires no modification
  • Fits under bumper
  • Comes in raw finish
  • Replaces OEM crash bar, increases protection of critical areas and protects more than the OEM
  • MIG welded
  • Machine rolled
  • Waterjet flanges
  • Pricing Starts at $225
  • Our Price: $195!


The bar has professional level welds to keep the entire thing together. It also has water jet cut flanges for a clean crisp line. The Bends are made by an Ercolina Rolling Machine to ensure a high level of quality and a slight clean bend.

This bar is really nice and is coming in a limited availability capacity. ISC is waiting to see if the product picks up and if it does to produce more of these. They are limited, so gets yours now from AJW Performance. You can find the bar at the following link here. We can be contacted at or 603-715-9076! We hope to hear from you all soon!

Subaru Wheel Spacers by ISC Suspension

AJW Performance is proud to bring you the best products in the industry. At the front of the Wheel Spacer game is ISC Suspension. They have been making Wheel Spacers and Adapters for years. ISC Suspension began with Wheel Adapters that changed the bolt pattern of a 5X100 to 5X114.3 so WRX owners and other 5X100 equipped Subarus could run STi wheels. STi wheels are often a nicer offset and are usually a lighter and more aesthetically pleasing wheel.


After the initial success of their Wheel Adapters ISC Suspension began branching out into other makes and models. Their first stop was once again, Subaru. ISC Suspension decided to make spacers for 5X100 to 5X100 and 5X114.3 to 5X114.3. They are available in 15 or 25mm and are available in a flat matte black finish. They come with high grade 10.9 hardware and they are fully 56.1 hubcentric. No plastic hub rings here, only true machined 7075 light weight Aluminum. Wheel Spacers make a great addition to any car especially if you are trying to get your car to look just a little bit wider. For those that have 11+ WRX/STi’s a 15mm Wheel Adapter will really assist with getting your OEM wheels to fill out those factory wide body fenders.


ISC Wheel Spacers are sold in pairs unlike their Wheel Adapters so you will need to purchase 2. MSRP on them are $150 per pair, but they are available on AJW Performance for the low price of $137! You can find them here: Wheel Spacers and Adapters

For tips on how to install, check out ISC’s youtube video here:

You can also check out ISC Suspension here:

Thanks for reading!

-AJW Performance

Product Spotlight: ISC Coilover Covers

Some History on ISC Coilover Covers:

About a year ago the product development team sat down to try and come up with an idea for something that would help to prevent the damage that coilovers experience during New England winters. After going back and forth with a few ideas the team came up with a plan to develop something simple but effective. The end result was the ISC Coilover Cover or to some people the coilover “sock”. This Coilover Cover is made of neoprene, the same material that many manufacturers use in their wet suits. On one side you have the ISC logo and on the other a strip of strong velcro. While the velcro enclosure is enough to keep the Coilover Cover on, zip ties are also included for added security.


The first testing of these covers were on a backcountry snowmobile. These sleds experience lots of exposure to the elements and after a whole winter with these covers on the sled’s coilovers looked like new. We also had our employees run them on their personal vehicles, and the results were really impressive. Much less surface corrosion than without through a pretty rough winter this past year in New Hampshire.
While the point of these covers was originally protection from winter elements it does not mean that they are not usable or beneficial for use in areas that do not experience snow. These covers also keep sand, dust, dirt, mud, and other natural elements away from the threads of your coilover shafts. At ISC we wanted to create a product that would be affordable and help people save money. We have received a lot of feedback over the past year that has been overwhelmingly positive! Below are some quick facts vs fiction on our coilover covers.

FACT: ISC Coilover Covers are designed to withstand natural elements like sand and moisture.
FACT: ISC Coilover Covers are strong and affordable.
FACT: ISC Coilover Covers work on almost ALL major coilovers.

FICTION: Coilover Covers are only useful for people in the winter.
FICTION: Coilover Covers don’t last long
FICTION: Coilover Covers only fit ISC Coilovers

Get prepped with some Coilover Covers. These are available now with a rebate on ISC’s store or for 15% off. Visit them at