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With a couple of drift ready 350z’s under way, we figured now was a better time than ever to scoop up another for the shop.We picked up this beautiful emerald green 350z that had an unfortunate meeting with a wall. With the entire radiator support pushed back a good 6 inches and driver frame end equally as mangled, this Z has quite the bumpy road ahead, but we will get her fixed up.


Starting off with clearing out all of the damaged parts, radiator support, headlight brackets and headlights, driver fender and power steering cooler just to name a few. Once all of the broken bits were removed, we assessed what was needed to return it to stock and started ordering our replacement parts.


4E5F8598-FF66-43D9-B012-248C39F7B700_zps97yjkkeo (1)

Since the parts were ordered, we decided to get a bit of a leap on fixing the frame rail and making it suitable for the new radiator support. We cut the mangled section and welded in square tubing for strength. Once the new radiator support was in we were able to mock up and finish the mounting supports for the driver side. Along with mounting up our Mishimoto radiator and ISR bash bar.

4EF63C2D-2B89-405C-8AE0-1FC8C046ABA5_zps45utxqcj     9B2BB2C3-C86A-42DC-9F37-21EBB181C053_zpsmive2fhb


This should be a fun and not so little journey to get this Z back on track, but we are excited for this project!


November 6th 2017

With the Z  fixed back up, it was time to get her drift ready! We started off with our tried and true ebrake setup, utilizing Patinka Motorsports dual caliper brackets. We have used these on a few other cars, including the ISC 350z and love the beefy design and incredible usefulness they offer.





With the caliper bracket and new caliper installed, we got around to installing the hand brake and running the dedicated lines. We played around with the idea of keeping our center console in this car, overall I think it came out pretty cool! It will definitely take some getting used to with the location of it. Also, now was a good time to install our NRG quick release and wheel as well as Harness bar and 5 point racing harnesses.




We wrapped the car up on Friday, just in time for its first event, Team Oneil Drift School! We did not receive our ISC Suspension coilovers in time to install them and really were curious to see how the factory suspension handled. It was surprisingly great! Everyone who had a chance to drift the car had a great time and loved the feel. We are super excited to get our coilovers installed soon!

Here are some photos of the GreenZ shredding!

Drift School (136 of 499)

Drift School (103 of 499)

Drift School (145 of 499)

Drift School (419 of 499)




Prepping your car for the next track event!

Are you finally looking to get some seat time at your local track? If this is your first time, you may be a little nervous. Let’s walk through a series of steps to make sure your car is ready and most of all, you are ready.


Tech inspection prep is different for everyone, but for the most part, making sure your car adheres to the local tracks tech is a must. Fire extinguishers, roll cages, battery tie downs, the latest fire rated safety gear are just a few things that may or may not always be included when signing up for an event. Making sure your car will pass tech makes your life easier and also lets you know that your car is not only safe for you, but also everyone else involved.  Tech inspection lists can be found on the web page of almost every event.


The next thing to make sure you check off the list is your fluids. You never want to start an event off with oil that is 10 miles away from your next change or an incorrect amount of coolant in the radiator.  Run through a check of all of your fluids, replace the old stuff and top off anything that may be a little low. Coolant, oil, transmission, rear diff, power steering and clutch and brake fluids are what you need to inspect/replace/ or top off. A properly lubricated and well cooled car will set your mind at ease and allow the perfect formula for a top performing machine.





With the fluids ready to go and your car ready to pass tech, now is a great time to inspect the tires/wheels and suspension components on your car. check your tire tread and pressure to insure you have them properly inflated. Make sure everything is tight and that there is no binding when steering left to right.  Check your endlinks, make sure your ball joints are in solid working order and most of all, make sure your alignment is within spec. Your only worry on the track is getting faster, not whether or not your car is going to randomly pull you toward the tire wall! As you gain experience you will be able to make adjustments based off of your driving style and cars needs.




Once you dial in the above, you will be ready to hit the track. Remember one of the most important things when it comes to track days. The more mods you have, the longer it takes to learn your car. Start out with minimal mods and upgrade once your skill level surpasses what your car can deliver. Stay focused, stay within your limits and most of all have fun!



2015 WRX upgrades!

Summer upgrades!

We got a call from one of our customers, they were looking to squeeze a little more power out of their car. Current mods included an aftermarket Cobb jpipe paired with a Cobb intake and a stage 2 map from their Cobb accessport. They were happy with the current mods, but as always its hard to stop modding our cars when they have such huge aftermarket support and power potential.


We started the day upgrading the stock top mount intercooler and installing the Extreme Turbo systems front mount intercooler. Not only does this kit have an absolutely amazing finish, but the fitment is nothing short of perfect. Mounting is tucked right up next to the radiator and condenser support, so there is no need to trim the bumper. Our customer went with an anodized black core and piping for the ultimate stealth look.



Before finishing the routing for the intercooler piping we installed the TurboXS TGV deletes and Torque solutions EGR delete. These kits were extremely easy to work with and will definitely assist in future aftermarket parts/ power goals that the customer has in mind.


Perrin came through with there 3 port boost solenoid made specifically for the 2015 wrx. Installation is super simple and as with everything Perrin makes,  the quality is top notch! The Solenoid has a super beefy feel to it and includes everything needed to install.


Perry Tuned sent over a base map for all the newly upgraded parts and the car will be seeing dyno time in the near future! We are pretty excited



Spring is here! Show season prep!

Spring is here and that means so is show season!

Well it’s that time of year again. We spent months freezing all day and seeing the gray gloomy weather that Winter brings us in New England. Short amounts of daylight and uncomfortable temperatures mean many car enthusiasts spend their time buying all of their car parts and stockpiling them inside until those first few Spring days show up.


Now that the snow is melted and the temps are starting to rise, more and more enthusiasts are prepping their car for show season. Let’s take a look at the things we should focus on to make sure our car is ready.


It’s always nice to start off your spring vehicle prep by running through the car and make a list of any maintenance that you may have skimped on throughout the colder months. Changing or topping off fluids, checking suspension components as well as replacing belts that our lovely salty winter roads love to eat up. Once those things are taken care of we are ready to move onto the next step.


For the last few months, you’ve been searching for deals on a bunch of fancy new go fast parts and exterior/interior parts to make your car stand out. Time to clear off that kitchen table and install that shiny stainless steel exhaust or those new racing seats that your cats been sleeping on. Don’t forget to take those factory wheels with winter tires off and store them away. Those new Enkeis with brand spanking new rubber are just begging to be installed!


Last a nice detailing. Not just a quick run through the touchless car wash. It’s time to dive in deep. Clean all of the remaining salt and winter gunk from the under body of your car, it will help prolong the integrity of your undercarriage. Follow that up with a thorough exterior wash and a solid afternoon of waxing your paint. Salt and sand have a way of making their way into our cars and this is the perfect time to dig into all the nooks and crannies and get them out!


Now that you have done your maintenance, installed your vast collection of new performance parts and given your car a thorough cleaning, you are ready to enjoy the show season! If you see us at a meet, come say hi!


Scion FRS ISC Suspension and Whiteline upgrades!


We see quite a few BRZ/FRS owners brining there car in for some suspension upgrades. Today was no different. Looking for performance without sacrificing ride quality, this customer chose to run the ISC N1 Street sport Coilovers in combination with the ISC Suspension lower control arms.




ISC N1 Coilover Features:

32 way dampening adjustment

Independent ride height and preload

Front camber plates

Thrust bearings to eliminate spring bind

And a 5 year warranty!






ISC adjustable Subaru lower control arm features:

Up to 5 degrees of camber adjust-ability

6061 aluminum design

Street sealed pillowball mount

All Staineless hardware

Easy grease application

IMG_3453 97ED57EC-1AF3-40C9-9FC5-1EB0B84B84BE_zpsn7vdbmuq



Out of the box the 86 has a decent handling, but it is amazing how much it can improve with properly setup coilovers!


The customer also decided to pick up some Whiteline rear subframe inserts as well as their positive shift kit bushings. The rear subframe inserts get rid of the slop in the rearend, while the positive shift kit will improves your shifting feel and response! Definitely some quality upgrades!

tn_KDT926-1__53691.1462390870.400.559 180BEFFA-ECF3-402A-B535-88C27E350933_zpswyxxoric


With the suspension components installed, we follow it up with a coat of spray wax to protect the products and an AJW Performance Alignment to allow the suspension to work properly.


Toytec Suspension Upgrades on a 2016 Toyota 4Runner

We recently did a nice suspension upgrade on our customer’s 2016 Toyota 4Runner. The vehicle is used as a daily driver but our customer also enjoys off-roading it on the weekends. Finding the balance between a daily driver and a dedicated off-road Toyota can be challenging. Personal preference and needs come into play, and there is no right or wrong approach to this.

AJW Performance is an authorized Toytec Suspension dealer, and Toytec makes a bunch of great options for, you guessed it; Toyota!

We opted for the Toytec 3″ BOSS Suspension lift kit. This vehicle came with the KDSS suspension from the factory. Before ordering a lift kit confirm on whether or not your Toyota has the KDSS system or not, as the kit will have different part numbers.


The quality of the kits are very nice. As you can see in the image above.

Now time for some installation!

toytec3 toytec4

We also did some 1.25 inch wheel spacers, in the future we will be doing an aftermarket wheel on this vehicle, but for now the spacers allowed enough clearance.

The tire choice was the BF Goodridge K02, in a 285/70/17.




toytec5 toytec6Above are the images of the final result. The BF K02 Tires, the 1.25 inch wheel spacers, and the Toytec BOSS 3 inch suspension lift for the 2016 Toyota 4 Runner. After installing we finished with a AJW Performance Alignment- http://ajwperformanceproducts.com/alignments-2/

We also are dealers for the following brands:



Rough Country


+ More

If you are looking for a lift kit we ship nationwide, if you are local to us at our shop here in Gilford New Hampshire, we can do the lift kit installation and alignment for you here in house. Email us for a quote on parts or services! http://info@ajwperformanceproducts.com

2009 E90 xDrive Suspension Overhaul


Many of you know we specialize in Subaru. From simple oil changes to full motor builds and upgraded aftermarket parts. What you may not know is we also offer a variety of services for other makes and models as well.5C938DCB-C284-4F96-BA44-3D7FE8B00569_zpslomn4max

We had a customer give us a call about upgrading the suspension on his 2009 335xi. With blown shocks making the handling and ride quality unbearable, it was time to upgrade to ISC Suspension N1 coilovers!

The ISC Suspension E90 xDrive coilovers (part number B005-4) offer 32 way dampening adjustment as well as ride height adjustment and 3 separate valving options.


Since there we are going have half of the suspension pieces out of the car, the customer also requested we knock out a few other components. Preventative maintenance!



In the front we replaced inner and outer tie rods, lower ball joints, the passenger side axle and installed new control arms with aftermarket bushings, since the factory ones were toast. Moving to the rear we added some Whiteline rear subframe insert bushings.


To finish the car off right, we dialed in the ride height and took our time getting the alignment set to factory specs.  Hopefully some wheels in the future to pull the whole look together!


06 STI OEM Motor build pt. 2

After making a solid list of everything that was needed to get this car back on the road, parts started showing up! We started with assembling the heads and making sure all the valves/buckets had the proper clearances. Once we had our measurements the proper buckets were ordered.9b1bc56a-9852-49ae-b53f-4787904ed47c_zpsjvkheoxr-1

Next we started working on the brand new short block and started installing all of the short block parts. A brand new oil cooler and oil pump are on!

After the heads and block are assembled, its time to piece them together with a set of ARP head studs!


Once the long block is assembled, its time to hook up the intake manifold/fuel components. The turbo had a fair amount of metal particles ran through it, so a brand new VF39 was installed!


After adding on the flywheel and clutch, it was finally time to place the new motor back into this Hawkeye. Once installed, we will do a quick flush and add some Motul break in oil for the first 1000 miles.


Time to add the radiator and intercooler along with some connectors and hoses.

Although this wasn’t a high horsepower motor build, it was still fun seeing all the OEM parts make this Hawkeye drive-able again. After all its just to clean of a car to make its way to the scrap yard!

30f350ae-1202-4f8c-bdc1-79d76afc191c_zpsvturhbhz 66c92fab-0a11-4996-b44e-9eca293b49db_zpsouhotc8bAnd here it is completed!

06 STI OEM Motor build pt. 1

We received a phone call from a car dealer in New England with some terrible news. They had a very clean 2006 STI that developed a noticeable knock.  They were referred to us from a previous motor build customer, which we always appreciate!


It is never fun to see such a clean car break, but as always we are ready to tackle the job! We received the car and began the tear down process. The oil pan was full of different size bits of metal, we could tell this wasn’t going to be pretty. After removing the motor from the car and separating the heads from the block, this is what we found in cylinder 3:


What is left of the piston. 


The metal shavings that didn’t make it to the oil pan. 


You can see a mangled piston ring in the back.

The metal pieces made there way throughout the entire motor. This is going to be big list of  parts, but is going to be a completely new heart for this 06 STI. Now its time to get some parts here and start the rebuild! Stay tuned!

Subaru Service Plans

We offer a full array of Service plans for any model Subaru here at AJW Performance. From a stock Subaru outback to a built 500WHP STi.

We offer dealership style service plans, but generally are hundreds less. Same quality, same parts, less money!

Here are some details on what is involved with various Subaru service plans.

Check out Some of the other services we offer as well:



Subaru Engine Building:



Winter Prep Packages:

Winter Prep Packages


Free Vehicle Pick Up (for select services)




30,000 Mile Service:


  • Replace engine oil per specifications for your model
  • Replace filter with Genuine Subaru oil filter
  • Check and top off all fluids
  • Rotate tires and set tire pressures
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Inspect Brake Pads and entire Braking system
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Check Axle Boots and Shafts (front & rear)
  • Check operation of clutch system (if applicable)
  • Inspect Steering and Suspension systems
  • Inspect Cooling system/Replace Engine Coolant as needed
  • Inspect Camshaft Drive Belt (if applicable)
  • Inspect Wiper Blade condition
  • Inspect Fuel lines and system operation
  • Inspect and Top Off Differential (front & rear)
  • Inspect and Top Off Transmission Fluid
  • Complete multi-point inspections
  • Replace PCV Valve
  • Install Cabin Air Filter
  • Perform Caliper Slide Service



60,000 Mile Service:


  • Replace engine oil per specifications for your model
  • Replace filter with Genuine Subaru oil filter
  • Check and top off all fluids
  • Rotate tires and set tire pressures
  • Replace Spark Plugs (all models)
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Replace Fuel Filter (if applicable) *additional charge
  • Inspect Brake Pads and entire Braking system
  •  Brake Flush
  • Check Axle Boots and Shafts (front & rear)
  • Check operation of clutch system (if applicable)
  • Inspect Steering and Suspension systems
  • Replace Engine Coolant and Inspect Cooling system
  • Inspect Camshaft Drive Belt (if applicable)
  • Inspect Drive Belts
  • Inspect Wheel Bearings (front & rear)
  • Inspect Wiper Blade condition
  • Inspect Fuel lines and system operation
  • Inspect and Top Off Differential (front & rear)
  • Inspect and Top Off Transmission Fluid
  • Complete multi-point inspections
  • Replace PCV Valve
  • Perform Caliper Slide Service
  • Replace Cabin Air Filter



100,000 Mile Service:

  • Replace engine oil per specifications for your model
  • Replace filter with Genuine Subaru oil filter
  • Check and top off all fluids
  • Rotate tires and set tire pressures
  • Inspect Brake Pads and Discs
  • Check Axle Boots and Shafts (front & rear)
  • Inspect Brake Lines and check Brake system operation
  • Check operation of clutch system (if applicable)
  • Inspect Steering and Suspension systems
  • Inspect Wiper Blade condition
  • Inspect Drive Belts
  • Complete multi-point inspections
  • Replace Timing Belt and Water Pump

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment!



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