Prepping your car for the next track event!

Are you finally looking to get some seat time at your local track? If this is your first time, you may be a little nervous. Let’s walk through a series of steps to make sure your car is ready and most of all, you are ready.


Tech inspection prep is different for everyone, but for the most part, making sure your car adheres to the local tracks tech is a must. Fire extinguishers, roll cages, battery tie downs, the latest fire rated safety gear are just a few things that may or may not always be included when signing up for an event. Making sure your car will pass tech makes your life easier and also lets you know that your car is not only safe for you, but also everyone else involved.  Tech inspection lists can be found on the web page of almost every event.


The next thing to make sure you check off the list is your fluids. You never want to start an event off with oil that is 10 miles away from your next change or an incorrect amount of coolant in the radiator.  Run through a check of all of your fluids, replace the old stuff and top off anything that may be a little low. Coolant, oil, transmission, rear diff, power steering and clutch and brake fluids are what you need to inspect/replace/ or top off. A properly lubricated and well cooled car will set your mind at ease and allow the perfect formula for a top performing machine.





With the fluids ready to go and your car ready to pass tech, now is a great time to inspect the tires/wheels and suspension components on your car. check your tire tread and pressure to insure you have them properly inflated. Make sure everything is tight and that there is no binding when steering left to right.  Check your endlinks, make sure your ball joints are in solid working order and most of all, make sure your alignment is within spec. Your only worry on the track is getting faster, not whether or not your car is going to randomly pull you toward the tire wall! As you gain experience you will be able to make adjustments based off of your driving style and cars needs.




Once you dial in the above, you will be ready to hit the track. Remember one of the most important things when it comes to track days. The more mods you have, the longer it takes to learn your car. Start out with minimal mods and upgrade once your skill level surpasses what your car can deliver. Stay focused, stay within your limits and most of all have fun!