Scion FRS ISC Suspension and Whiteline upgrades!


We see quite a few BRZ/FRS owners brining there car in for some suspension upgrades. Today was no different. Looking for performance without sacrificing ride quality, this customer chose to run the ISC N1 Street sport Coilovers in combination with the ISC Suspension lower control arms.




ISC N1 Coilover Features:

32 way dampening adjustment

Independent ride height and preload

Front camber plates

Thrust bearings to eliminate spring bind

And a 5 year warranty!






ISC adjustable Subaru lower control arm features:

Up to 5 degrees of camber adjust-ability

6061 aluminum design

Street sealed pillowball mount

All Staineless hardware

Easy grease application

IMG_3453 97ED57EC-1AF3-40C9-9FC5-1EB0B84B84BE_zpsn7vdbmuq



Out of the box the 86 has a decent handling, but it is amazing how much it can improve with properly setup coilovers!


The customer also decided to pick up some Whiteline rear subframe inserts as well as their positive shift kit bushings. The rear subframe inserts get rid of the slop in the rearend, while the positive shift kit will improves your shifting feel and response! Definitely some quality upgrades!

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With the suspension components installed, we follow it up with a coat of spray wax to protect the products and an AJW Performance Alignment to allow the suspension to work properly.


Toytec Suspension Upgrades on a 2016 Toyota 4Runner

We recently did a nice suspension upgrade on our customer’s 2016 Toyota 4Runner. The vehicle is used as a daily driver but our customer also enjoys off-roading it on the weekends. Finding the balance between a daily driver and a dedicated off-road Toyota can be challenging. Personal preference and needs come into play, and there is no right or wrong approach to this.

AJW Performance is an authorized Toytec Suspension dealer, and Toytec makes a bunch of great options for, you guessed it; Toyota!

We opted for the Toytec 3″ BOSS Suspension lift kit. This vehicle came with the KDSS suspension from the factory. Before ordering a lift kit confirm on whether or not your Toyota has the KDSS system or not, as the kit will have different part numbers.


The quality of the kits are very nice. As you can see in the image above.

Now time for some installation!

toytec3 toytec4

We also did some 1.25 inch wheel spacers, in the future we will be doing an aftermarket wheel on this vehicle, but for now the spacers allowed enough clearance.

The tire choice was the BF Goodridge K02, in a 285/70/17.




toytec5 toytec6Above are the images of the final result. The BF K02 Tires, the 1.25 inch wheel spacers, and the Toytec BOSS 3 inch suspension lift for the 2016 Toyota 4 Runner. After installing we finished with a AJW Performance Alignment-

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If you are looking for a lift kit we ship nationwide, if you are local to us at our shop here in Gilford New Hampshire, we can do the lift kit installation and alignment for you here in house. Email us for a quote on parts or services!