Product Spotlight: Perrin E4-Series Equal Length Headers

Perrin has just release their latest version of their Equal Length Headers. This time they have dubbed them the E4-Series. This series of headers comes in a normal sized Equal Length variant as well as a Big Tube Variant that makes more Horespower. Both are lovely looking pieces and have Perrin’s quality welds and are made of 304 Stainless Steel. Perrin has always impressed us, and that’s why we use a lot of their products. We still currently have their previous version of the big tube headers on our RSTi.


Above: The Perrin E4-Series Equal Length Header


Above: The Perrin E4-Series Big Tube Equal Length Header

The Perrin Performance Equal Length Headers are not simply a re package of their previous variants, they are a totally new re-designed package. The collectors have been re-designed so that there is improved exhaust flow. They also now feature a lower profile design so that there is more ground clearance.


These headers are also sized correctly to make more power. They are not grossly oversized to “look” impressive. The smaller header utilizes 1.5″ primary tubing that is expanded at the flange to fit the Subaru exhaust port size. This is perfect for cars with up to 400 WHP. For cars looking to surpass that we recommend the big tube header. The Big tube Header uses 1.625″ Primary tubing. This header is designed for cars making upwards of 500 WHP.


The flanges are another great selling point on these headers. These headers are machines from 304 stainless steel and counter-bored on the back side to make smooth transitions. They are also sized correctly to ensure they matte up correctly and to provide proper flow.

These headers also provide a great sound and have a high quality finish. Perrin Performance provides a brushed stainless steel look for it’s parts. As a note, individuals using a 2.0 L WRX will need to utilize the 2.5l oil pan for proper fit.


Perrin Performance really has a high quality product here that we are looking forward to selling. We’re glad to see them continually move forward and improve their products and we cannot wait to see what they bring to the table for their next big product. Questions about the product? No worries, contact AJW Performance at 603-715-9076 X1 to speak with a Sales Rep who can answer questions for you!

Product Spotlight: 08-14 WRX and STi Coilovers by ISC Suspension

We talk about ISC Suspension a lot here at AJW Performance it’s primarily because we are such huge fans of their products! ISC Suspension has been creating quality and affordable coilovers for quite a few years now. They know what people want and they find ways to give it to them without breaking the bank or cutting corners. Their coilovers for the 2008 – 2014 WRX and STi are no exception. These two vehicles (WRX, and STi) have been huge sellers for Subaru in the past few years. The GE, GV, GH, and GR have been some of the best sellers for AJW Performance over the past few years. Primarily we see the most demand coming from the GR and GV crowd. Introducing the Widebody to the WRX was a great move on Subaru, and allowed Subaru owners with WRX’s to have a great looking car with a little bit more wheel base.



ISC Suspension’s coilovers for the GR and GV WRX really have the ability to slam the car. They offer up to three inches of adjustability and at max height the rear coilovers are just above tucking tire. If you’re looking for a kit to get low these are them! They’re also good for track use though and can also obtain stock ride height with a different coilover shaft. If that’s something you want just make sure to tell us!


The coilovers for the 2008 – 2014 WRX and STi feature 32 way adjustable damping as well as independent pre-load and adjustable ride height.

The official description for these coilovers can be found below:

The ISC N1 Coilover system is the optimum suspension tool for improved handling for your street, track, or drift car. This product is perfect for someone looking for performance, adjustability, and other high quality features in a package that will not break the bank. ISC coilovers are also 100% rebuildable!

Our Self Manufactured N1 allows us to have top grade quality control and innovative R&D capabilities due to our in house/self-made company dynamic. ISC Suspension utilizes some of the best modern engineering techniques and suspension design. ISC has been present in the world for over 13 years and has accomplished drift, road course, street, and other various podiums alike. Over a decade of experience, knowledge, engineering, and feedback have shaped the ISC N1 system into what it is today. All ISC Coilover systems are proudly serviced and distributed in Gilford, NH.

ISO9001:2000R Certified
ARTC Certified

ISC warranties its coilover systems to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER against defects in workmanship and material for 5 years. Product registration is required, for more details visit here: Warranty

Adjustable Damping:
ISC Coilovers all come with 32 way adjustable damping that is rebound and compression in unison via 32 step adjustment.

Single Cylinder Mono-tube Design:
Large cylinder and piston design work hand in hand to increasing driving stability and dexterity. ISC utilizes a mono-tube design damper, not twin tube like other manufacturers. Mono-tube dampers provide consistent valving and much less potential for cavitation. They are also high pressure to reduce body roll, and are 100% efficient through all temperatures. Our larger pistons also allows more oil which provides better damping control and the ability to absorb higher forces. All ISC Dampers also utilize a double o-ring to prevent leaks.


Multiple Valving Options:
ISC Suspension offers three valving options to choose from, street comfort, street sport, and track race.

Street Comfort is designed to feel close to OEM and is the most comfortable valving that we offer. If you are looking for a mild drop and comfortable ride this is for you!

Street Sport is designed to be above OEM, and is more aggressive and ideal for street, drift, and occasional autocross. If you’re looking to bring your car to its limits on the street, this one is for you!

Track Race is our most aggressively valved and is suggested for road course, slammed show cars, and some form of drifting. If you are installing these coilovers on a dedicated weekend track car, this option is for you!

ISC also offers custom valving, please contact for an accurate ETA.

Piston Rod Design:
ISC utilizes high rigidity steel piston rods that meet all race and sport standards. ISC shafts are valved according to the spring rate chosen by the customer. A shock dyno is used to ensure quality and consistent results. All ISC dampers are 100% fully rebuildable.

Upper Mounts:
For optimal performance pillowball upper mounts are a great feature. ISC includes these upper mounts of all N1 Systems.

Front Camber Plates:
When your vehicle’s suspension geometry allows (vehicle specific, please check our application guide) all ISC N1’s come with adjustable camber plates standard.

Thrust Bearings:
While many coilover companies charge for thrust bearings ISC does not. These come standard on all N1 coilovers and help to eliminate spring bind; a common side effect of utilizing aftermarket coilovers.

Sport Spring:
ISC Suspension offers a variety of different spring’s rates. Our springs are made from high quality SAE9254 Steel. They are dyno tested over 500,000 times on a compression inspection with less than 5% deformation. We are fully capable of offering custom spring rates as well! Every driver is different and we understand some may need custom spring rates.
Swift springs also available as an upgrade visit here for more information: Swift Springs

Ride Height Adjustable:
Full length height adjustability. Most applications can achieve 3 inches or more. High quality T6061 aluminum allow used for all adjustment locks to provide a lightweight design that holds spring and vehicle force down.

Bound Adjustable with Separate Spring Locks:
Preload is separate from ride height; the lower you go the quality of the ride stays the same!

Aluminum Brackets:
Made from T6061 aluminum allow by organic shaping to lighten weight and increase handling performance. ISC Gold or Black anodized surfaces help to prevent corrosion and surface rust. Most applications also feature mounting points for OEM brake line installation.


These coilovers are well stocked here, and you can get the STi variant or the WRX variant at the following links.



We love these coilovers and we know you will too! Contact us at 603-715-9076 to find out how ISC Suspension can improve your vehicle! We also offer full installation packages as ISC Suspension does require professional installation for their warranty to be valid.

ISC Suspension now Offering BRZ/FRS Drift Bars!

ISC Suspension is always coming out with new and innovative products. To continue their drifting oriented products and following a great year of Clubloose North Drifting they are now release the Drift Bar that they used during the season to the public. This Drift Bar is amde of the same material and in the same process as the one that was on their drift BRZ. It’s a solid piece and looks and feel great on the car. It fits right under the front bumper like an OEM crash bar and is much more secure than the bar that the car comes with. It is worthwhile to note that this is for people who drift or track their car. This is not a replacement for the OEM crash bar and has not been tested in front end collisions. However it is great for avoiding barriers as well as tire barriers :).


The drift bar comes in a raw finish, but it is ready for you to send it to the powdercoater and have it match your vehicle. ISC Suspension is also selling their pre-painted WRB bar here.


The World Rally Blue bar can be seen above on ISC’s BRZ. It matches really well and allows you to still use the OEM bumper! What can be better than that?

The Bar has the following specifications:

  • Requires no modification
  • Fits under bumper
  • Comes in raw finish
  • Replaces OEM crash bar, increases protection of critical areas and protects more than the OEM
  • MIG welded
  • Machine rolled
  • Waterjet flanges
  • Pricing Starts at $225
  • Our Price: $195!


The bar has professional level welds to keep the entire thing together. It also has water jet cut flanges for a clean crisp line. The Bends are made by an Ercolina Rolling Machine to ensure a high level of quality and a slight clean bend.

This bar is really nice and is coming in a limited availability capacity. ISC is waiting to see if the product picks up and if it does to produce more of these. They are limited, so gets yours now from AJW Performance. You can find the bar at the following link here. We can be contacted at or 603-715-9076! We hope to hear from you all soon!

ISC Suspension Releases Ford Mustang Coilover Suspension Kits

The boys and girls at ISC Suspension have done it again. This time they have released a new coilover kit for the 2015-2016 Ford Mustang. The New Ford Mustang has really been a head turner as more and more tuners turn to Mustangs and other Ford vehicles. Ford has really begun to turn heads with their recent addition of the Ecoboost Mustang, Focus ST, and coming soon, the Focus RS. These Mustang Coilovers are really incredible and we’re excited to have them in our store!


ISC Suspension has apparently been developing the mustang coilovers in secret for some time and waiting for the right opportunity to get final testing and measurements. The kit is now available on our website and can be purchased here at this link. The kit is available in all three configurations, comfort, street, and track! We have had the opportunity to get hands on with these Mustang coilovers and the quality is really amazing. These Mustang Coilovers are some of the nicest that we have seen. ISC Suspension did a full write up on them here.

In general, the Mustang Coilovers provide the following features:

  • An industry leading 5 year warranty
  • ISO 9001:2000R certified
  • 32 way adjustable damping
  • Singe Cylinder Mono-Tube Design
  • 3 Valving options utilizing 3 different shim stacks
  • Piston Rod Design
  • Front Camber Plates
  • Thrust Bearings
  • Sport Springs with less than 5% deformation (Swift also Available)
  • Independent Pre-Load and Ride Height
  • Aluminum bottom brackets

Kits can be purchased through AJW Performance at any time at the link to our store! We also have lots of other Mustang parts to help get your Mustang ready to go for show season. You can check out that section here!


Get your kit now at AJW Performance!