Happy Holidays from AJW Performance

The Holidays are getting closer and closer! Christmas is only 2 days away! Are you rushing to do some last minute Christmas Shopping? Why not take advantage of some of AJW Performance’s special deals. While physical gifts will be difficult to get before Christmas and AJW Gift Card is always available digitally or physically! Values can be whatever you’d like! The sky is the limit.


We have also been offering the following specials

  • Free Shipping from now until January 8th with code: FREESHIP
  • FREE Manly Pistons with all motor builds from now until January 8th
  • Discounted Service Rates, $50 with parts from us, $75 if you bring your own parts
  • Fluid Film Protective services are only $50
  • $1150 for ISC Coilovers + Install + Alignment
  • All ISC Purchases enter you for a chance to win their stocking. More info on that here.

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We hope that you will all have a safe and Happy Holiday! Stay safe, enjoy the time with family and friends, and say wish your best car friends a Happy Holiday! God Bless!

AJW Performance’s retail outlet will be closed from December 24th to December 27th. We will return on December 28th. Sales placed before 3:45 pm on December 23rd will go out same day, however orders placed after will not ship until December 28th. We will still be responding to e-mails during our absence.

-AJW Performance

Debunking Cracked’s Car Myths

A friend of mine recently shared an Article by Cracked.com about 6 “myths” when it comes to your vehicle. After reading this article I was upset that my friend who is not an automotive fan would believe some of the things written in the article. Now it wasn’t all fiction, there are a few things that I do agree with in the article. However I felt it was necessary to put some good info down in an article for those who many not be as informed.

Change Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles:

The first thing on Cracked’s list was basically saying most vehicles can go up to about 15,000 miles without changing their oil. The article states that with new technology today oil can go till about 15,000 miles. Now I will agree that some vehicles and some oil can last until the 5,000 mark. I have not heard any vehicles or oils that last 15,000 miles though. Many of us drive high performance vehicles that deserved to be maintained, skipping oil changes means you are going to end up looking like this.

engine of an audi tt without oil change from i.imgur.com

The good news is that we can change your oil here. Our Subaru Synthetic Oil Changes start at $45 for most vehicles.

Warm Up Your Engine Before You Drive:

According to Cracked.com as long as you are not flooring it everywhere you are fine when it comes to starting your car and driving. Now while you do not need to fully warm your car up to operating temp every-time you start it you should let the car warm up at least a little bit when you are cold starting your car. Performance vehicles and even normal vehicles need to warm up a little bit before they are driven. There is a reason Subaru has an actual light on the dashboard for this in their vehicles. Warm your car up! Don’t listen to cracked!


Fuel Additives are Good for Your Engine:

I agree with this, they are not really good for your engine. There are some oil additives that are useful though, and octane booster may help gas if your car is required to take 93 but you can only find 91.


Get Regular Engine Tuneups:

This one I 100% disagree with. Cracked states that you should not get engine tuneups because your computer in the car adjust everything to a point. This is true, but only to a point. You need to get regular checkups and scheduled maintenance on your car. Spark plugs and air filter elements do need to be changed and your car does need to be taken care of. If you have a performance car this is even more important, there are so many small things that can go wrong and your car should be checked out every so often to make sure everything is running correctly.

We also recommend pre-tune checks for your vehicle if you are looking to get it tuned. Rates start as low as $75 per hour. Contact us to schedule your appointment!

You Need to Winterize Your Vehicle:

Another one I do not agree with. While Cracked does mention snow tires and a few other things it discusses how motor oil is all the same and can work in all temperatures. Certain motor oils do still get changed in the winter time and smart individuals know that you need a thinner oil viscosity for winter time. Oil does get thicker in the winter time. It is true and you should change your oil if you are in a harsh environment.


If you’re in New England this is important, AJW Performance can get you Winter Tires and more for your Subaru. Contact us today and we can consult with you to get your car ready to go.

High-Octane Gasoline is Better for Your Engine:

This one really grinds my gears (pun intended). If your car is tuned or calls for 93, then use 93. It’s not a myth it’s a fact that can really cost you money if you decide to not listen to it. Regular cars don’t need premium fuel, this is true but a tuned WRX or STi or any vehicle that calls for 93 octane needs 93 octane. Lower grades of fuel can cause detonation and knocking. Read your owners manual to make sure you don’t need 93!


Thanks for reading, we thought it was important to get this information out. While Cracked is not a very reliable news source almost anybody will believe what they read on the internet today! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call AJW Performance and we will go out of our way to try and help you!

603-715-9076 or info@ajwperformanceproducts.com

Brett Haynes BRZ Coilover Install

This week we had the opportunity to work on a clean 2013 Subaru BRZ Limited. Brett purchased the coilovers from us during our Black Friday event and got a great deal on the coilovers and on the labor and the alignment.

The Subaru BRZ is a formidable track vehicle. It’s been designed to be that way and it handles great but there is always room for improvement. We fitted Brett’s BRZ with a set of ISC N1 Coilovers. We utilized the street sport option since Brett wasn’t actively tracking the car all the time. Street Sport is a great option for those individuals who want to have a lowered car that handles great but also won’t break your back being super stiff. They are just stiff enough to notice a difference but comfortable enough for the street.


When Bretts car arrived it had a noticeable lift due to the 18 inch wheels that he had fitted on the car. Sometimes adding larger wheels does the opposite of what you want, and the car ends up looking higher than it ideally should. Brett had a specific style with Yellow TSW wheels. The vehicle was nice and the BRZ Limited is a great platform to build off of. The Limited features leather and Alcantra wrapped seats, a great navigation system, toggle style gauges and even an armrest!

We got to work installing the coilovers which did not take long. Thanks to our full service facility we were able to install the coilovers, coilover covers, and rear extenders and move right into the alignment. We love to be able to offer these alignment services to our customers because then they don’t need to go elsewhere for an alignment and risk hurting their tires. We’ve heard the horror stories about people waiting too long to get their car alignment and their tires end up getting unevenly worn. That isn’t the case here at AJW Performance!


Once the alignment was complete is was time for a quick test drive. The care handles like it’s on rails now and we were happy to report another successful install! If anyone is looking for a coilover install don’t hesitate to reach out to AJW Performance! 603-715-9076