AJW Performance Black Friday Sale

AJW Performance is excited to annouce it’s Black Friday sale! Starting midnight on November 26th AJW Performance will be offering multiple items at the lowest prices possible as well as some other free goodies!

Black Friday AJW

Our first large sale is for ISC Coilovers. We’re one of the largest re-sellers for ISC Suspension. All coilovers will receive Free COilover Covers ($110 value) and FREE Rear Extenders ($35 Value).


Every purchase at AJW Performance enters you for a chance to win $100 in AJW Cash. AJW Cash can be used towards anything in store as well as service!


We will also be providing 50% off our labor quotes! Simply e-mail us at info@ajwperformanceproducts.com or sales@ajwperformanceproducts.com to receive a quote and you will be locked in. You have to act on Friday though or else the 50% off will not apply. This would be a great time to set up that 60k service or even some winter changeover services!


Last but not least! Free shipping with the code “FREESHIP” on our website! Save some cash to spend elsewhere, no need to pay for shipping on Black Friday!

We will also be offering 10% off Moore Performance Blast Plates. These are great items for people with 5spd Subarus. If you haven’t checked out Moore Performance, take a peek here: Moore Performance

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The Ford Focus ST

One of the newest vehicles that AJW Performance has been proud to add to it’s line card is the Ford Focus ST.


The Modern Ford Focus ST debuted in the Summer of 2012. The vehicle originally came with 252 BHP from a turbocharged 2.0l Ecoboost engine. The Ford Focus ST is still around today and it is a highly popular car now in the automotive community. With simple bolt on the vehicle can be a true powerhouse and even through it is a FWD vehicle it is fast and feels great. The new Ford Focus ST is a true Hot Hatch and can be traced back to European Styling.

The Ford Focus itself has quite the history. It grew to eventually passed the Toyota Corolla to become the world’s best selling automobile nameplate. It replaced the Ford Escort which was known as one of Fords Rally Cars. The Focus was available starting in 1998. It’s had three generations to grow into the type of vehicle that it is today and has deep ties to the European Market. For a short period of time the Ford Focus ST was only sold in Europe and when the Ford Focus ST was announced Ford decided to consolidate their models and allow America to the have the same sporty models as Europe.

Thankfully Ford has finally listened to us and released the Ford Focus ST for North America and Europe. We can now all enjoy the sporty looks of the Ford Focus at an affordable price! For customers who already have a Ford Focus, please check our our dedicated Ford Focus Section that can be found here: Ford Focus Store

Thank you for reading, next week we discuss the Ford Fiesta ST!

Subaru Wheel Spacers by ISC Suspension

AJW Performance is proud to bring you the best products in the industry. At the front of the Wheel Spacer game is ISC Suspension. They have been making Wheel Spacers and Adapters for years. ISC Suspension began with Wheel Adapters that changed the bolt pattern of a 5X100 to 5X114.3 so WRX owners and other 5X100 equipped Subarus could run STi wheels. STi wheels are often a nicer offset and are usually a lighter and more aesthetically pleasing wheel.


After the initial success of their Wheel Adapters ISC Suspension began branching out into other makes and models. Their first stop was once again, Subaru. ISC Suspension decided to make spacers for 5X100 to 5X100 and 5X114.3 to 5X114.3. They are available in 15 or 25mm and are available in a flat matte black finish. They come with high grade 10.9 hardware and they are fully 56.1 hubcentric. No plastic hub rings here, only true machined 7075 light weight Aluminum. Wheel Spacers make a great addition to any car especially if you are trying to get your car to look just a little bit wider. For those that have 11+ WRX/STi’s a 15mm Wheel Adapter will really assist with getting your OEM wheels to fill out those factory wide body fenders.


ISC Wheel Spacers are sold in pairs unlike their Wheel Adapters so you will need to purchase 2. MSRP on them are $150 per pair, but they are available on AJW Performance for the low price of $137! You can find them here: Wheel Spacers and Adapters

For tips on how to install, check out ISC’s youtube video here:

You can also check out ISC Suspension here: http://iscsuspension-na.com

Thanks for reading!

-AJW Performance