Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone, yes I know we are a day early but it’s still a Friday with a wonderful spooky Halloween to look forward to! Here at the shop we are getting excited for some outside of work Halloween festivities this weekend. We’re also working on getting some items shipped out and also generating some new sales for the upcoming holidays.

We wanted to make this holiday enjoyable for our customers as well so we’re giving 5% off our entire store until midnight on October 31st 2015. This will give everyone plenty of time to grab some good prices on their favorite items once they are done taking their kids trick or treating or finishing up that Halloween costume party.

Get 5% off items like ISC Suspension Coilovers, Coilover Covers, or other items like Cosmis Wheels, or Perrin Exhausts!

We hope everyone enjoys their Halloween and has a wonderful time! Be safe and responsible and enjoy the special pricing!

AJW Halloween

Fluid Film Rust Prevention Service

Tomorrow will be AJW Performance’s annual company fluid film service for company vehicles and employee vehicles. This is a service we offer but also normally charge for. Our normal rates begin at $100 but for tomorrow only we have decided to drop that to $50! Since we will be doing this all day we are dropping the price rate. We have already had a few people sign up but we would like to see more people.


For those that are not familiar with Fluid Film, it is an oil like substance that is used to coat the underneath of your vehicle. This is much better than products like PUR 15 and other undercaotings that don’t last and don’t prevent rust. Fluid Film is used by many businesses to protect vehicles and multiple surfaces. It’s a simple once a year application and is cheap and reliable!

As seen in the video above Fluid Film has many different uses and applications. The fact that it can be used as a lubricant and a undercoating show how unique it is. It’s truley a revolutionary product that can really save you thousands of dollars down the road. In New England Salt and Stand can really corrode and destroy vehicles. Thanks to Fluid Film that problem is solved.

Here is another video showing Fluid Films effectiveness after 3 months. As you can see water just flows right off of it and does not allow anything to get to the actual Metal. This is exactly what you want to protect your vehicle and AJW Performance is bringing it to the table for customers here in New Hampshire.

So what are you waiting for? We have open availability now for Fluid Film services! Stop by the shop on October 23, 2015 to get the service for 50% off or $50.00! Call us today at 603-715-9076 or e-mail us at info@ajwperformanceproducts.com or sales@ajwperformanceproducts.com

Flash Sale Save 10% This week!

AJW Performance is having a flash sale! This week save 10% off our entire store. This is a great chance to get those last minute items before you put the toy away for the year. Or, if you’re like us and drive your sports car through the winter it’s another great opportunity to add some more fun to your car while the weather is still nice.

Save on items such as Perrin Performance Catbacks, Axle Backs, and more! Upgrade that Intercooler to get closer to your power goals with a Process West TMIC, or a Perrin Intercooler. Packages such as Grimmspeed Uppipes and EWGs are one sale as well!

Get great pricing on ISC N1 Coilovers, and wheel accessories or even just use it to get some red line fluids for cheap!

Flash Sale

AJW Performance stocks some of the best brands in the industry and features a full showroom and 2 facilities for distribution and service! We’re available Monday through Friday from 9-5! Come visit or give us a call or an e-mail. 603-715-9076 and info@ajwperformanceproducts.com


Product Spotlight: ISC Coilover Covers

Some History on ISC Coilover Covers:

About a year ago the product development team sat down to try and come up with an idea for something that would help to prevent the damage that coilovers experience during New England winters. After going back and forth with a few ideas the team came up with a plan to develop something simple but effective. The end result was the ISC Coilover Cover or to some people the coilover “sock”. This Coilover Cover is made of neoprene, the same material that many manufacturers use in their wet suits. On one side you have the ISC logo and on the other a strip of strong velcro. While the velcro enclosure is enough to keep the Coilover Cover on, zip ties are also included for added security.


The first testing of these covers were on a backcountry snowmobile. These sleds experience lots of exposure to the elements and after a whole winter with these covers on the sled’s coilovers looked like new. We also had our employees run them on their personal vehicles, and the results were really impressive. Much less surface corrosion than without through a pretty rough winter this past year in New Hampshire.
While the point of these covers was originally protection from winter elements it does not mean that they are not usable or beneficial for use in areas that do not experience snow. These covers also keep sand, dust, dirt, mud, and other natural elements away from the threads of your coilover shafts. At ISC we wanted to create a product that would be affordable and help people save money. We have received a lot of feedback over the past year that has been overwhelmingly positive! Below are some quick facts vs fiction on our coilover covers.

FACT: ISC Coilover Covers are designed to withstand natural elements like sand and moisture.
FACT: ISC Coilover Covers are strong and affordable.
FACT: ISC Coilover Covers work on almost ALL major coilovers.

FICTION: Coilover Covers are only useful for people in the winter.
FICTION: Coilover Covers don’t last long
FICTION: Coilover Covers only fit ISC Coilovers

Get prepped with some Coilover Covers. These are available now with a rebate on ISC’s store or for 15% off. Visit them at http://iscsuspension-na.com

Corsa Performance Exhausts w/ $50 Rebate

AJW Performance now offers Corsa Performance exhausts and from now until December 31, 2015 they are offering a $50 rebate. This makes for a great deal since these exhausts are super high quality. Rebates have been a big thing this year for manufacturers to promote sales so we want to try and get them out to our customers as much as possible.

Some people may not be familiar with Corsa Performance in relation to import vehicles however they have been in business since 1998. Corsa Performance exhausts feature premium stainless steel construction including hangers and CNC cases. They also utilize Corsa’s no drone RSC technology, madrel bends, Torca clamps, and special pro series tips. These tips are usually offered in stainless steel or black diamond. Corsa also uses precision MIG, TIG, and Robotic welding for the best durability and aesthetic appeal. Corsa Performance’s RSC or Reflective Sound Cancellation Technology ensures that their exhausts do not drone. Corsa is world renowned for their ability to manufacture exhausts that have zero drone and sound great!

Corsa rebate

Corsa Performance currently makes exhausts for a few different Subarus mainly modern variants. Their 2015 WRX and STi Exhausts sounds wonderful! They also have exhausts for the 08-14 Subaru WRX and STi Sedan and Hatchback.

Below you will find some sound clips for the 2015 STi and the 2015 WRX.

Both exhausts sound great and one of the biggest advantages to these exhaust is that there is NO DRONE. Other exhausts will give you a headache after driving with them for so long due to the drone but with Corsa Performance you get an exhaust that flows 60-68% better than stock as well as eliminating Drone.

Are you looking for a quality exhaust? Check out the Corsa Exhausts we carry below:

08-14 WRX/STi Hatchback Catback

08-10 WRX Sedan Catback

11-14 WRX Sedan Catback

2015 WRX and STi Catback

If you’re looking for quality look no further, AJW Performance has got you covered!