Klaus Schuler Rotated Build

Klaus came to us with a Spun rod bearing! He decided that this time he wanted to go big, and we mean really big! After a lot of discussions with the AJW Performance team Klaus decided to go with a rotated turbo kit from Perrin Performance and a GTX3076R a big massive Turbocharger! Kalus also utilized various supporting mods such as a brand new STi BBBB short block with Manley forged pistons. He also went this some MSI fuel rails, Perrin headers, and more! We will cover more of Klaus’s build in the next blog dedicated to this car. We are going for a reliable 450 WHP, so we’re pretty excited to see this build come together so quickly!


Kyle prepares to install the new Manley pistons to replace the OEM ones on Klau’s motor build.


Killer B oil pickup and windage try installed, these are two items that make for very cheap insurance!


Kyle installs the new ACL Orbit Oil pickup onto the motor. Orbit performance oil pumps are designed with high output and volume capabilities required for high RPM performance engines (see flow data chart). The gerotors are precision machined from steel-copper alloy (FC0205), an exceptionally durable metal that assures dependability and durability. Tight housing and gerotor tolerances provide optimum pressure and flow requirements. Housings are die cast DC-12 aluminum and are anodized to prevent corrosion. All pumps are individually inspected and tested.

Flow Information:
RPM Liters/Min Gal/Min Hi Volume Liters/Min Hi Volume Gals/Min 600 4.9 1.29 8.5 2.25 3000 16.8 4.44 28.8 7.61 5000 41.3 10.91 51.2 13.53


Kyle begins to add the accessories onto Klaus motor


All accessories are given a thorough parts cleaner treatment before installation.


All nice and clean and assembled!


Onto the intake manifold and headers!

Next week we will outline the specific modification that helped Klaus get to this point as well as show you some photos and videos of the end project! Stay tuned!

Motor Build for Casey Cobb

Hello again everyone! For you who follow our blog you know we JUST finished up a motor build for Jason Nelson. Around the time we finished that motor build we began interacting with Casey Cobb who had spun a bearing in his EJ255. Spun bearings can be common with Subaru WRX/STis as well as ringland failure and slew of other issues. Casey came to us trying to make a budget of about $6,000 dollars and was hopeful that we could get his motor up and running for that price.

We sat down and discussed the available options on what we could do, some things would have to be skipped like replacing the pistons for forged ones, and head machining was to be kept at a minimum. We were able to fit in some good pieces though such as a Killer B Oil pickup, and baffle. We also utilize a brand new STi short block, and Casey’s heads were clean enough that we were able to provide a thorough cleaning to them to keep them from failing. While this was not the ideal situation, we understand what it is like to build on a budget. Casey wanted to get the car back and running and was eager to get the car back.

This was a truly special feat, and we were able to finish this build in only one and a half weeks. Some shops have a waiting time of over 2 months! Thankfully we were able to get Casey in fast and get the parts here even quicker. When Casey dropped the car off we already had almost all of the parts here. Parts that we did not have were available within 2 days!


Above: Casey’s motor close to completion and ready to be dropped in.

Casey decided on the following parts at the end of the day for his Motor Build:

STi Short Block BBBB

OEM Subaru Gasket Kit

Killer B Oil Pickup

Killer B Oil Baffle

Torque Solutions Timing Belt Guide

Subaru STi Oil Pump

Subaru Blue Coolant

Gates Timing Belt Kit

One Step Colder Plugs

Perrin Pitch Stop Mount

OEM Subaru Clutch and Flywheel

Below you will find various photos of Casey’s motor and vehicle through stages of repair. We’re excited to get the car back in Casey’s hands so that he can enjoy it!


Above: Casey’s motor ready to be dropped into his car!


Above: Casey’s heads are dis assembled and cleaned before being re-installed. While this works, we always recommend having heads professionally machined.


Above: Casey’s motor is dropped into the car for re-assembly.


Above: The Final product! A super clean engine bay!


Above: The car turned our very clean!

Have you had a catastrophic incident with your motor? Do you want to make it better and faster? Contact AJW Performance today for a consultation! 603-715-9076



Performance Installs – Grimmspeed Up-pipe, EWG, and Headers!

Sean McGonagle gave us a call and advised us that he wanted to do some more performance parts on his 2011 WRX. Sean had service done with us in the past when it came to installing his downpipe and exhaust, and when his transmission went we took care of him and gave him the best service we could. He loves the car and wanted to give it a little more pep, and requested some info on headers, and external wastegates. With our consultation we decided to order him some Borla Headers, and Grimmspeed 38/40mm Uppipe, and a Turbosmart Comp 40. We also provided Sean with a Grimmspeed manual boost controller, and a grimmspeed wastegate block off bracket. Sean wanted to get the parts installed fast and we were able to get him in the next week.

Parts List:

Grimmspeed 38/40mm External Wastegate Uppipe

Borla Headers

Grimmspeed EWG Block off Bracket

Turbosmart Comp 40

Grimmspeed Manual Boost Controller


Grimmspeed’s EWG Up-pipe is known to be one of the better up-pipes. They also offer a Ceramic service o provide better thermal dissipation.


Another Grimmspeed product, their manual boost controller is clean and effective at managing boost levels.



Borla makes a quality header that is ready for the street and to create some added rumble!

The headers and up-pipe install went very smoothly. Thanks to Borla’s quality as well as Grimmspeeds these parts worked well together. It’s always important to make sure if you use 2 bolt that you stick with 2 bolt. A 3 bolt with 2 bolt header or uppipe won’t work and you’ll be stuck unable to install your products. Sean will be visiting Jay Perry on Monday to have the car Protuned. We will update this with his numbers and results!

All of these parts are available from us at the best price possible. Sean was in an out with these parts installed for a great price. These installs can sometimes be tricky, but we’re here to help and provide the best service at the lowest cost possible. There are no tricks or gimmicks to our performance, only a passion for helping our customers. Sean found out about what makes AJW Performance different, come and visit us today or call us to find out why we are different than other shops.

603-715-9076 x1 or sales@ajwperformanceproducts.com



2015 WRX Brake Overhaul

Stopping power is pretty important, without it your car is not going to slow down when you enter that corner. Faulty, or cheap brake pads and rotors can really make a car much less fun! One of our more recent customers named Peter, came to us wanting to upgrade the brakes for his 2015 WRX. Peter desired a more solid feeling brake pedal, which is a common complaint amongst GR Chassis WRX’s and STi’s and now the new 2015’s as well. While we knew obtaining aftermarket front brake pads and rotors would be no issue, the rear had the potential to cause some trouble. There are multiple kits available for the front, but the rears are not yet available. Thankfully we are an official dealer for Subaru parts and we were able to get the new rear rotors in just a day or so! To our surprise Stoptech also makes a rear brake pad for the 2015 WRX as well.


Peter wanted to do a complete overhaul of his brakes, including new rotors, new pads, performance brake fluid, and also a master brake cylinder brace. This is a good route to take, you never want to use new pads on old rotors because they will not break in correctly. Peter went with Stoptech’s slotted front rotors, pads, stainless steel lines, a Perrin MCB, and Subaru Rear Rotors. We also opted to use Motul 5.1 Brake Fluid.

Stoptech Front Rotors

Stoptech Front Brake Pads

Stoptech Rear Brake Pads

Subaru OEM Rear Rotors

Stoptech Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Perrin Master Cylinder Brace

Motul DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid


Our tech Kyle begins any brake job with removing all the old components and then uses his tools to ensure there is no debris where the rotor bolts to. This ensures for a perfect fit. Kyle also ensures everything is anti-seized correctly so the next time a brake job is done it is easy to take care of.


Sparkly new brake rotors from Subaru for the rear!


And aggressive new slotted Stoptech rotors for the front! as well as new Stoptech stainless steel lines.



Some shots of Peter’s car with the new shoes on. Peter was very happy with the service he received and even wrote a nice review for us on our Google page!

I contacted AJW about getting some brake work done to my 2015 WRX on a Friday morning, by the end of that day they had ordered me pads, rotors, lines, fluid, and a mc brace. They replied quickly to my emails and answered my all my questions, made the process quick and easy. I made an appointment for the following Friday for them to install the components. I arrived to my appointment a little early and they took my car right in and about three hours later the install was complete! They even bedded in the brakes so I didn’t have to worry about a thing. The waiting room is comfortable as well and all the employees were very friendly. A great group of Subaru enthusiasts! I will be back for sure when I need any other performance work done to my Subaru!

We’re all very happy to be able to provide the exemplary service that provide day to day. As a group of Subaru enthusiasts ourselves we know how important it is for your Subaru to perform at its peak! Find out why AJW Performance is different than most shops, give us a call at 603-715-9076 and talk to our superior sales staff!