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Scion FRS Headers, Overpipe, Springs, and More!

This week we had the pleasure of working with James Robertson and doing some parts installs on his Scion FRS (GT86). James’s car was really clean and simple to work on! The car was red, and featured some nice aerodynamic features such as TRD winglets, a front, side, and rear diffuser, as well as a Greddy Rear Wing.


The TRD Winglets add some aggressive flair to the front of the vehicle.


You can tell James is a fan of the true car’s heritage, the Scion badges have ben replaced with the Toyota emblem from a GT86.

Scion TC Coilover Maintenance and Alignment

Today we had the ability to do some coilover maintenance on a customers Scion TC! Jesse came to us when he knew his car was ready for an alignment and also for adjustments on his ISC N1 coilovers. Jesse had them installed by a non performance company, so he wanted us to check them and provide our protective tek wax service to make sure his coilovers were prepped for a long life on the streets.


Jason Nelson’s Motor Build Part 2

We’re happy to say that Jason Nelson’s motor build is now complete. This motor is a beast, and this car will be good for up to 400 HP. We spent considerable time making sure this motor was 100% new with completely machined heads, and a brand new short block with Manley pistons. Jason wanted his car to feel new again and to be able to handle future mods and put a lot of power to the ground. With his goals in mind we sat down and comprised a mod list that would make the most sense for him. People sometimes ask why we don’t bore engines out, or use different bearings in our motor builds. Years ago we had the opportunity to work with the Subaru Race team, and their engineers recommend using the oem bearings for motors that won’t be seeing extreme power. We too their recommendations and continue to use them today! Swoop Lives!

2015 WRX & STI Rear Control Arms Installation

As most of you already know, control arms serve a very important function to a cars handling and suspension. Essentially, they connect the steering of your vehicle to the chassis. Control arms permit the wheels to move and control the motion of the wheels through pivoting. Without control arms, your tires would not have any control when hitting bumbs. There would be nothing to aid the wheels from ascending and descending. The tires would be fixed and cause for an unbearably rough ride.

New Product Line: Sabelt

AJW Performance is proud to announce that it will be adding Sabelt to it’s line card!