Cabin Air Filters and Their Importance to Your Subaru

Cabin Air Filters


It can happen all the time, a funny smell or the Air Conditioning not working as well as it did last year. Some people can panic and get really worried that it is something majorly wrong with their vehicles! Others just go about their day and don’t really pay much attention to it and eventually forget about it.

Like your oil and other fluids, filters are equally important to your vehicles health. You may be spending big money on motor builds and turbocharger upgrades but you cannot forget the basic and simple items that are important to your vehicle. Regular oil changes, coilover maintenance and even vehicle washing are all preventative measures to keep your car as new as possible.

The primary filter I am writing about today is your cabin air filter. The cabin air filters, filters all the air that comes into your vehicle. It also filters the air for your A/C. This is super important if you are someone that has lots of allergies or are sensitive to pollen or other pollutants. A clogged or nasty cabin air filter means that the air coming in is not fresh and has to go through all the other mucky stuff that is already in the filter! A dirty air filter can also cause your A/C to work harder and decrease HP to your vehicle. It will increase temperatures in the passenger compartment and thus require more power.


A filter that is clogged like above can be a big problem and is not good for your Subarus health or your own! Image the contaminants that have been entering the vehicle, YUCK! Filters should be changed every 12,000 to 15,000 miles but this can vary depending on the vehicle. If you have allergies you may also want to replace your filter more often as well since you are more sensitive to the pollutants that are in the air. This will also depend on the area you are in. If there are trees everywhere during pollen season you may consider even replacing it every 4-5000 miles.

AJW Performance is happy to replace simple items like these, and charges a minimal fee. If you are interested in getting your cabin air filter replaced please give us a call, we utilize all OEM Subaru components and can get your car smelling fresh again! 603-715-9076


AJW Performance Motor Builds

AJW Performance Motor Builds

We all know that your motor is the heart of your car. If you car needs a heart transplant look no further! AJW Performance has been doing Motor Builds for Almost 6 years now and they have primarily all been on Subarus. Our knowledge and expertise of the EJ series motor is surpassed by none. Motors are typically built within a week and are wrapped and packaged the proper way for shipping. Often times we will either hand deliver the motor or have it shipped via a freight service that we know we can rely on. There is zero shipping through companies that are not trustworthy or that do not care about your new motor!


We ofter multiple services involved in motors:

1. We can rebuild your motor to OEM spec, without any upgrades etc, just a factory replacmement

2. We can rebuild your motor to our spec which involves removing the areas where there could be hiccups down the road. We utilize forged pistons, and multiple other options to ensure that there is no issue down the road. This is our most done option.

3. We can build your motor and accessories, this is where people get big power. Forged Pistons, larger turbos, remove the areas that there could be hiccups. This is a good options for people looking for a number. Ask us what it will take to make 500 whp and we will tell you.



We do Short Block, and Long Blocks! Are you looking for a motor build for your Subaru? Contact us at 603-715-9076 and we can provide you a full consultation of what would be best for your car!

Subaru GC8 History, Performance Parts, Coilovers, & More

Subaru GC8 History, Performance Parts, Coilovers, & More

GC8 History

The Subaru GC8 is a car we all know and have come to love since it’s debut in November of 1992. The GC8 is known as a rare and tunable car. The GC8 is the face of what Subaru is and has become. Between the 2 door and 4 door variant, only 14,000 GC8’s were produced in it’s 4 year run on the assembly line. Many people who currently own a GC8 don’t know how rare of a car they are driving. This makes selling, scraping, or damaging the car a more likely scenario that can leave the GC8 junked, totaled, or destroyed. Regardless, if you are an owner of a GC8, treasure it, we probably won’t see them in production ever again.

GC8 Performance & Tunability

The tunability and performance of GC8’s are often overlooked, mainly because of the WRX and STI. Many don’t even realize that a stock 1999 2.0 turbo model runs a 5.5 second 0-60. With a few mods, you can break 5 seconds easily. Piggyback systems are available for the majority of GC8’s, and there are a slew of GC8 performance parts and options everywhere you turn. The most popular GC8 coilovers at AJW are easily the ISC’s. You can find them here: GC8 Coilovers along with many other GC8 parts. The GC8 came with 165HP from the factory, which is quite impressive when considering their slim curb weight of ~2600-2700 lbs. for the AWD model.

It’s What Makes a Subaru a Subaru

The GC8 is most “Subaru-ish” car, that anyone of us has ever seen. With simple but iconic lines and design, the GC8 will forever be remembered as what made Subaru, Subaru! From the hood scoop, to large fog lights, to the wing on the trunk, everything about the GC8 is what Subaru will be remembered as. It was able to produce a flash but with class. Sega has Sonic, Nintendo has Mario, Xbox has halo, and Subaru has the GC8!

Versatile Beast with Symmetrical AWD

The GC8 came equipped with Subaru’s symmetrical AWD system that allowed for an even split of power to the front and rear axles. This system not only made it a monster on the track, but also allowed for more safety during snow storms and bad driving conditions. Whether you’re tuning your car and tracking it or keeping it stock and running errands, the GC8 is more than capable to perform the task and accommodate your needs.

AJW Performance and ISC Suspension Open House

As most of you know we had our open house with ISC Suspension and it was a blast! We had a good turn out of different vehicles including many Subaru’s, BMW’s, and even an old school Camaro Z28! We enjoyed having the opportunity to show people the shop and how we perform alignments. A lot of people left the open house with a better understanding of their suspension and how it works in comparison with their vehicle. All of the shop vehicles were out in the front including ISC Suspension’s BRZ and ISF.



The BRZ is on AME Wheels which creates the TM-02, a different style of the Enkei RPF-1 but still designed and created by Enkei.


The ISF just recently received a new hood by Seibon Carbon and has some more goodies on the way too!


We also had our RSTi on display which is getting very, very close to completion! The car is almost ready for it’s final tune and will be road and track worthy very soon!


We had an overall great turn out and we would like to do more events like these in the future. We’re very thankful for the people that came by and hope you will all enjoy the deals that we provided! We will be announcing the raffle winners very, very soon!