It’s all about Service!

AJW Performance has been booming for the past few weeks with service work! We’ve got a lot of projects go on and it is the height of busy season. This week started out with a 11+ STi Sedan that came in for a set of coilovers, control arms, and an alignment. The car came out really well and the customer was very, very happy with the install and the work that we performed. We were really pleased with how it came out!


We also had the ability to work on a customers 818 some more and get the motor dropped in. These cars are tough to work on because of how intricate they are, but we have the knowledge and expertise to really get the car done right. This 818 is special, it is fully painted and really well done, so extra special care is taken when we remove any panels and move the vehicle around.


Today we also had a GR dropped of for some motor work. The vehicle sucked up water and the motor starting working in correctly. We are going to appraise it for the customer, and then they are going to try and have it repaired. We’re always up for motor builds and service!

It has been a busy week but we always find time for our customers and pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry. Is it time for you to service your car? If so give us a call and we will be happy to take care of you!

Two Performance Alignments in Two Days!

This week we had an interesting couple of alignments. John, a new customer brought his BRZ here for a performance alignment and then scheduled his second car for an alignment the next day! John was so impressed with our alignments that he told one of his close autocross buddies who also scheduled an alignment.


With the way some local alignment shops are it can be difficult to get what you want out of an alignment especially for Autocross which is what John was looking for. It is also important for autocrossers to get the most out of an alignment because adding aftermarket parts can sometimes take them out of the bracket that they are currently competing in. This leaves you with camber bolts and creative thinking. We are pleased to say that John left here happy and we look forward to working with him into the future.

AJW Performance has a lot of experience working on BRZ and autocross cars. We also have first hand knowledge of what you need to get a good drift car going as well. Below you can see our BRZ at this past weekend’s Clubloose North Event.


The BRZ is a fantastic platform for drifters and autocross alike! We’ve been working on these for awhile now so let us know if you need a solid alignment or even a build for your BRZ! We are here and we are ready to work on your summer build!


ISC Coilover Install and Alignment

This week we had the opportunity to work on a 2014 WRX and do a Coilover Install and alignment on the customers vehicle. The ISC N1 Coilovers allowed us to get Christine’s car to the perfect stance that she wanted to achieve. She was looking for her car to go low, but still be functional and drivable on the street. Thanks to the adjustable ride height and separate pre-load these ISC’s can help the car get low while still maintaining top notch ride quality. This is super important to us when it comes to doing installs for customers. We want them to be happy and riding on a quality product. ISC was also present for the install and was able to create a full install guide for the GR which will be posted soon on their website!

Christine also received a set of ISC Control arms that helped us create a functional stance and alignment for her vehicle. Many customers do not know that there is no actual camber adjustment in the rear and instead just go a low as possible with their car and then chew through tires. Thankfully in 2012 ISC Suspension created their V2 control arms that solved this issue. While the market has become saturated, ISC control arms have remained top of the line due to their 6061 Aluminum design and lack of stamped steel. They offer up to 5 degrees of camber adjust ability in the rear of the GRs and now feature 2 mounting points for the endlinks and bottom mounts of coilovers to get your car even lower in the rear!

Thanks to all of these fine items we can now show you the finished product, a gorgeously low GR! Christine was really impressed with the product and we can’t wait to do more installs this summer!


2012+ BRZ History Performance Parts Suspension & Coilovers

Subaru BRZ

Ever since the Subaru BRZ’s debut (also known as Boxer Rear-drive Zenith) in 2012, enthusiasts of the rear wheel drive sports model has continued to rise. Subaru’s goal with this car was to not only create a good looking car with a solid price point, but to keep things simple. Complete focus has been put into the driving experience. Nimble handling, rear wheel drive, and revised suspension really shines for the BRZ. Weighing in at ~2700 pounds, the BRZ is one of the lightest sports cars today. The lightweight design not only aids in speed and handling, but gas mileage as well.

BRZ Performance Parts

A variety of performance parts have flooded the market since the BRZ’s debut. From suspension, to engine upgrades, to coilovers, you can find any upgrade you are looking for. ISC Suspension is a solid coilover choice for BRZ suspension that many enthusiast are turning to. With a competitive price point and big gains on handling, it is no surprise ISC is gaining more and more of the market. You can view a sample of the ISC BRZ suspension below:

Subaru BRZ Coilovers

Subaru BRZ Interior

The interior of the BRZ brings back the “old school” feel old sports cars are known for. The inerior is exactly what you’d expect from a focused sports car: simple and useful. There are no bells and whistles, it is right down to business. Regardless of that, once you hit the gas, all of that stuff doesn’t matter. Despite it’s low to the ground stance, head space is generous for a small coupe, allowing for plenty of room for a racing helmet.

Subaru BRZ Exterior

Exterior colors are limited, but each color is a great choice by Subaru.

Exterior Color Choices


  • Crystal Black Silica
  • Crystal White Pearl
  • Dark Gray Metalic
  • Ice Silver Metalic
  • Lightning Red
  • World Rally Blue Pearl


Each color has something to offer. Crystal black, crystal white, ice silver, and dark gray are solid colors for a sleeper approach. Lightning red and WR blue are great for the enthusiast looking to add an edge to their BRZ.

With a long front end, and short rear end, the overall dimensions of the BRZ scream coupe. Current dimensions of the BRZ are 167″ L x 70″ W x 51″ H. Have a look at 2015 blueprints of the exterior below.



Overall, the BRZ is a solid car for any enthusiast looking for a solid driving experience. There is very little body roll, handling is tight, and predictable. Acceleration is moderate, but thanks to it’s light weight, the BRZ can easily become a monster!

AJW Performance Motor Builds; Stage 1 and Beyond

AJW Performance has been building performance motors for Subaru Impreza WRX’s, Subaru Forester XTs, Subaru Legacy’s, and even some more interesting builds like the ones for Factory Five 818-S and 818-R for over 5 years now. We have the experience and tools necessary to build you a top notch motor! While we offer rebuild services for existing motors, we also offer packages for new ones as well.


Perhaps our most popular motor build is the AJW Performance Stage 1 2.5L Subaru Shortblock. This block begins it’s life as a brand new Forged EJ257 Shortblock with all the bits and pieces to compliment it, including the Crank, connecting rods, high performance piston rings, and Manley or CP Pistons depending on the customers choice. We also offer tons of different options to make your shortblock even better, like adding a brand new set of ARP Head Studs, Gates Timing Belt Kit, or even a Killer B Oil Pickup and High Performance Oil Pan to the motor. Many of these options are available to help a customer create the bulletproof motor that they need to make the power that they desire.


The Stage 1 block is good for customers that are looking for under 400WHP. While the OEM shortblock is a great motor, but it can quickly be ruined by deterioration and detonation. It is also good to remove the brittle cast hyper-eutectic pistons and replace them with a forged equivalent. If a customer wants to make REALLY big power, we recommend calling so that we can schedule a consultation appointment where we can sit down, or discuss via telephone the power options and goals that they’re looking to achieve. This helps us get the information we need to make a good choice for your vehicle!


The customer who purchased this Short block decided to add ARP Headstuds and choose Manley pistons. We are simply waiting for the heads to return from the machine shop and then this customers build will really come together. His original motor was destroyed, however he loved his Subaru Outback XT and we were trusted to bring his car back to life. We will not let him down!

Do you need Performance Parts or a full motor build? Give us a call at 603-715-9076 and we will be happy to assist you! You can also e-mail us at!


AJW Performance Free Alignment Checks

Part of what we do here at AJW Performance is help keep your cars on the road and current. One of the most important things to get checked is your alignment. Improper alignment can lead to destruction of tires, poor gas mileage and even worse, failure of suspension components.


In an industry with slammed cars, and low riders, it is super important to have an alignment to make sure that you can get the most out of your camber and camber plates if applicable. If you don’t, then you’re going to rub. Many “normal” shops do not understand what customers are looking for, which is why AJW Performance is a great place to go. We’ve got a 2015 alignment rack, the newest in the industry. Our technician has endless knowledge and experience on suspension, and has assisted customers get their cars low!


So if you need your suspension tuned up, repaired, changed out, or aligned, then give AJW Performance a call. We’re available most days for same day appointments and if not then we will glady assist you in getting an appointment setup. Summer is coming, and AJW Performance wants to help you out! You can check out our services offered and rates at the following links: