Product Spotlight: ISC Coilover Covers!

Winter. It’s rough and destructive on coilovers and exposed metal. Winter salt and sand is some of the worst stuff around, and if you run coilovers in the winter time it can ruin them in as quickly as one season. ISC just introduced a product that is going to save us from the harsh realities of winter. Their coilover cover. The ISC coilover cover prevents salt and sand and other grime from attaching itself to your coilovers. Made of waterproof neoprene and available in multiple sizes, this product is completely adjustable like any of ISC’s other products!

Read the official description below!

The ISC coilover sleeves or covers (patent pending) help protect your coilovers during harsh winter months. Made of 3mm neoprene these shock sleeves shed water, and eliminate sand/dirt/salt and debris from damaging your threaded shock body and corroding your springs, as well as protecting your seals.

Help eliminate the threat of seized coilovers and use the ISC coilover sleeves! Protect your investment!

The adjustable diameter allows for fitment on many coilover brands, not just ISC.

Sold in pairs, in either 300mm or 370mm lengths.


Durable 3mm neoprene

Adjustable diameter

ISC Logo printed on each sleeve

Part Numbers:

300mm Length- ISC300MMCOILCOV

370mm Length- ISC370MMCOILCOV

MSRP: 55.00 per pair


All ISC Coilovers

Many other brands as well

You can grab the ISC Coilover Sleeves at the following link: