Vehicle Spotlight; Justin DuPont’s 2002/2006 WRX Wagon Part 2

Last we left off was at the end of summer a change of seasons and change of pace for the car community. There was still lots of time left before it got cold though, and Justin decided to take advantage of it.

Justin headed over to Import Face Off at New England Drag-way. Justin met up with member of the Subaru Shop, and up and coming shop in Tiverton RI and long time close friends with AJW Performance.


Justin ran the bracket class and went on to the 4th and 5th round. His best run of the day was 13.10 @ 105mph. In comparison Jay Perry ran a 10.00 at 142 mph, Justin has some room to grow.

Finally Winter came and Justin’s car entered Winter Mode setup! Forester suspension, and Rota Boosts with 225/50/17 Blizzaks.

JD Winter 2

After this came a strew of poor financial decisions after a popped head gasket. Justin went to Jay Perry with the Subaru Shop for a built motor. After some consultation  he decided to go with the following setup.

EJ257 Block
EJ257 Crank
Manley H-Beam Rods
Weisco Forged Pistons
ACL Race Bearings
ARP Head Studs
CNC Bore matched EJ20 Heads
BC Valve Springs & Titanium Retainers
Killer-B Oil Pickup
Killer-B Windage Tray

Justin also decided to go with a GTX3076 turbo, and a 2007 STi Tranny. He also swapped a 06STi Steering Rack and 06 STi Front Aluminum Control Arms. He also found some 04STi Rear Hubs and Axles to use for the build.

Now that everything is out of the car, Justin is patiently awaiting for his motor to be finished so he cant put it all back together. Stay tuned for more on Justin’s car as well as some updates on power!

Vehicle Spotlight; Justin DuPonts 2002/06 WRX Wagon

Today we have a special treat for you Subaru fans. Justin DuPont, a previous mechanic for AJW and a part time technician for ISC Suspension-NA purchased a 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX about a year ago.

Justin purchased this vehicle with a blown 2.5L Hybrid motor. The deciding factor in the reason it blew originally was a bad tune. (Remember to contact a RELIABLE tuner who has some experience before you trust someone with your car folks). When the build began Justin didn’t have the money to rebuild the 2.5L hybrid and instead when with a 30K miles EJ20 that he already owned. When Justin purchased the vehicle it had all sorts of bolt on goodies, many can be seen here.

The next thing Justin began working on was assembling the motor with the bolt on goodies that were on the blown hybrid.

Next up was a nice street tune by Jay Perry from Perry tuned. Justin also wrapped up the small build with some BBS VZ Wheels. Here was the mod list initially.

-30k Stock EJ20 Long Block
-IHI VF-22 Turbo
-DW 750cc Injectors
-Walboro 255LPH Fuel Pump
-Perrin Fuel Rails
-Perrin Turbo Inlet
-Perrin After-MAF
-K&N Drop In Filter
-STI Spec-C Long Runner Intake Manifold (no tgvs)
-3mm Phenolic Intake Spacers
-Maddad UEL Header
-Maddad Cattless Up Pipe
-Stromung 3″ Divorced Short Down Pipe (custom cattless lower section)
-Stromung 3″ Catback
-Turbo-XS TMIC
-Forge BOV
-Hallman MBCS
-NGK 1 Step Colder Plugs
-Defi Control Unit
-Defi Link (oil pressure, water temp, EGT and MPH)
-Defi Boost Gauge

-Tein Basic Coilovers
-Whiteline Front and Rear Swaybars
-Whiteline End Links
-SPT Front Strut Tower Brace
-Tein Rear Shock Tower Brace
-Group-N Front 4-Pot Brake Kit
-Group-N Rear 2-Pot Brake Kit
-DBA-5000 Slotted Rotors (F&R)
-Kartboy Short Shifter
-ACT HD Clutch
-ACT Street Light Flywheel
-Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator
-Samco Hoses
-STI V6 Type RA Gear Set (Rallispec Kit)
-BBS VZ Wheels (White)
-NEXEN 3000 225/45/17

Justin then decided to go with a set of ISC N1 coilovers purchased through us. He was excited to go low and get rid of the Tein Coilovers that he had.

Once the car was lower Justin decided he wanted to do something different with the front end. He felt that the 02 front end wasn’t aggressive enough, and wanted to get rid of his broken bumper. What do you do then? You go with a Hawkeye conversion suggested by AJW’s owner Andrew.

Justin got to work, and after a little bit of time the car was finished. Welding, re welding, and more welding. Here is a shot of the finished product next to Allen’s 2011 WRX.

Fall was fast approaching by the time this was over and Justin decided that he would like to get new wheels. He went with a set of Varrstoen ES1 in 18X9.5 et 34. He wrapped them in a set of 225/45/18 Nitto 555Rs. He also decided to throw some ISC rear camber plates on his rear coilovers.

More on Justin’s build next week! There is just to much to cover in one blog!

– Allen

The AJW Performance Organizational Culture

Recently I went over a chapter in a business book for college that spoke about organizational culture. I thought that taking a change of pace an talking about AJW Performance’s own organizational culture may be an interesting topic for our weekly blog.

AJW Performance has always had a very clear vision set forth by the owner and manager, Andrew Wallace. The company has always strived to provide the BEST customer support in the industry and to give competitive pricing on performance products.

AJW Performance started as a one man shop with drop shipping being the primary way to get product to customers. Over the years the shop was moved from a dorm room to a functional ship in Fairhaven MA. A year later, the shop moved again the Wareham MA to a larger facility to showcase more products and provide more effective services. Another year later and we are where we currently reside in Bow New Hampshire. This facility offers us a large area to hold product and the square footage that we need to provide the best service around.

While many people only see the service aspect of AJW Performance they easily forget the office aspect that backs it. While Andrew operates as a primary Manager of individuals and automotive vehicles AJW also employs a full customer service/support and Marketing and Media production staff as well. It’s truly enlightening to see the change in AJW over the years.

With this upcoming show season you can be sure to see AJW Performance around, please stop by and say hello and maybe we can talk about your own organizational culture!

– Allen


Customers Build, Blouch TD05, Forged Pistons, Full Rebuild

Hello folks, and Happy Tuesday!

What do you do when your Subaru motor gets hurt or broken?

Today we have a customers build! This past winter James had a harsh battle with his Oil Pan and needed to have his engine rebuilt. Who better to rebuild his engine then the folks at AJW am I right?

James spent a few days talking with Allen, Andrew, Meryl, and Kyle at AJW Performance working over the best course of action for his build and eventually decided to do many upgrades as well. There is no better time to upgrade then when your vehicle is already down!

James decided to go with rebuilt and refinished stock heads and fully rebuilt short block from Subaru with forged Manley pistons. In addition to the forged pistons James also decided to add some real power with a Blouch TD05-18GXT, DW Injectors, a Walboro 255 Fuel pump, Air pump delete, and a new turbo inlet and oil pick up and last but not least ARP Head-studs. This motor and build is solid!

To handle all the new added power James also decided to go with a new oem replacement flywheel and an FX300 clutch from Clutchmasters.

This build is 100% epic and we can’t wait to see how it is when the car is totally completed! Our mad scientist Kyle is working hard to get this one completed in the good old AJW timely manner.

Buy with AJW and have the confidence that your car is in the right hands!

Here are some photos!