Allen’s Engine Revived!

Last week spelled disaster my 2011 WRX and I. A blown ring land was found to be the culprit of my excessive vibration and skipping when I started the car. Thankfully it helps to be a part of the finest supplier of performance products in the industry!

Our mechanic Kyle started on Friday by pulling the motor and completely disassembling it. He confirmed that it was a blown ring land; which was good news consider what else could have gone wrong. I.e.: a bent valve, or numerous other issues that could have arisen. Flash-forward to Monday with the motor apart, now it was time to go over to see Scotty from Ballistic Motorsports who had a set of Wiseco Pistons in stock for my motor. What luck! Scotty was able to get the pistons in, and what a pleasant surprise it was that the clearances were really, really good. I seriously lucked out catching this early on! Scotty does great work and he can be found here.

Next up was Tuesday and the installation of Killer B oil pick up. I figured while the motor was out it would be a good idea to try and eliminate all points of failure, since the car is my daily driver! The killer B oil pickup is a really nice piece. It is 3D CAD Designed and Track tested. It is also CNC manufactured; TIG welded throughout, and had 3 times thicker tubing. It’s a great piece and really helps eliminate the failure of the stock oil pickup.

That brings us to today, the fateful day! Kyle finished up the motor work and also installed a Gimmick Motorsports Turbo inlet, a new throw out bearing, and a special treat, a brand new timing belt. The whole team really came together to help me out this time, and I’m extremely proud to be a part of this group.

So in the end the list looked like this:

EJ25 Motor

ARP Headstuds

Killer B Oil Pickup

Wiseco Forged Pistons

Gimmick Motorsports Turbo Inlet

Timing Belt

All new fluids

Are you having motor issues? Do you need parts to build your own motor? Let us know! AJW is open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM and open till midnight via e-mail! We’re here to help and we’re here to stay!


When things go wrong who do you call..?

Have you ever had that sinking feeling in your stomach while driving your car? That feeling like something just isn’t quite right with your car? I recently had that feeling and upon further inspection something was obviously wrong with my 2011 WRX. It’s bound to happen bolt on mods or not when you daily drive a vehicle issues happen.

One morning I woke up and started up my car and could feel a lot of excessive vibration from my motor. This was much more than usual boxers rumble this was bad. When I got to work I asked our mechanic to look at my car. He did not bring good news; he suspected a possible blown ring land which is unfortunately a known issue in the later generation WRX and STI. This got my heart beating out of my chest; however I was able to remain calm. Thankfully I have a great support staff that is willing to help me my car may be down for awhile but I know when it’s fixed it’ll be better than ever!

My end point being; this could be you. AJW Performance has an outstanding customer support staff. We know that things can go wrong in so many ways and AJW Performance is willing to work with you. The number one goal has been to offer you the best performance products in the business and we continue to do our best to offer that. So remember when you get that sinking feeling give us a call. We’re glad to do our best to help out! From Exhaust to Engine building we offer some of the finest products in the industry and we don’t plan on stopping!


AJW your one stop shop!

AJW Performance has been present for well over 7 years entering the automotive industry when the industry was flourishing. AJW provides all the top brand products for your performance needs. AJW has learned from the best and evolved into a MA and NH phenomenon. AJW started as a small internet business. Opening the first Ajw shop back in 2009 in Fairhaven. MA out growing that facility in less than a year and moving to a larger building in Wareham MA. AJW resided in Wareham for a little over a year before things really started to thrive and the doors of infinite opportunities opened again.

AJW was located near Factory five racing and started to build a relationship. Early into the relationship factory five was working on a Subaru platform kit car AJW was one of the first to be questioned about power and builds. Factory five knew that AJW was knowledgeable in the Subaru market. AJW Performance was very excited about this project and wanted to do anything they could to help.. fast forward to present day AJW is located about 2.5 hours north of Factory Five in Bow NH. AJW moved to NH about a year ago yet again growing out of the space they were currently in. NH is the new home of AJW and their 818 kit car.

AJW performance is now the proud owner of an 818. They have been preparing for the arrival of this car for months and it is now a reality. Working on this car steadily there have been a few bumps in the road here and there nothing AJW could not conquer. The car is officially rolling but has a lot more work to be performed before it will be spotted on the curvy streets of NH cruising around the lake.