Chris stops by for some love on his OBXT

As far as under the radar daily drivers go the Subaru Outback XT is it. Spacious comfortable leather interior with a kick under the hood is the best way to describe this car. No cops going to pull over this turbo charged station wagon because they’ll just think its some old lady with a lead foot. Little do they know that this car has something special to it!

We’ve known Chris since the days of Wicked Big Meet being at Wachusett mountain. He decided it was time for a little more performance handling for his Outback XT. His weapon of choice would be theĀ ISC N1 Coilovers. Having come from stock suspension to Megan Racing coilovers and then back to stock Chris was excited to make the change. He wanted it setup to have about a 2 finger gap to give him clearance still for his daily duties but look more sporty. He also wanted much less body roll.

The installation went very smooth on Chris’s Outback XT. We removed the cars stock bump stops to ensure that he wouldn’t slam on these causing an uncomfortable ride. With the dampening set at 10 clicks from soft we went out for a test drive to see how he liked it. First thoughts the ISC’s rode much less harsh than the Megan’s did and took away the body roll that he didn’t want. Chris was impressed with how comfortable the ISC’s were! All in all this car is handling much better than when he brought it to us.

What is the best first mod for a wrx?

This is a very common and open ended question which is fact has many answers.What your needs are is where you should start and based off of that make an educated decision. Power Suspension Brakes and visuals all have important roles in the world of modding your Subaru WRX.

Many people like to go for power right off the bat this is common and for obvious reasons fast is fun! The WRX is very responsive to power related modifications especially some of the first ones.


Downpipe + Tune combo AKA Stage 2= great success

This can be done with a catted or catless 3 inch downpipe paired with an open source tune or a COBB Accessport. We offer many brands of downpipes from Invidia Perrin FMS COBB + more.!/~/product/id=3882112


Swaybars generally make the largest difference (with the exception of coilovers).

We suggest whiteline swaybars and ISC coilovers.!/~/product/id=11686121


Slotted rotors and upgraded pads make a huge difference with the WRX brake setup. Add another 100.00 and get yourself some Goodridge stainless brake lines for a firm pedal feel too!!/~/product/id=3882759