Jay Perry’s Fully Built 05 STi

The time is here! The time is now to see one of the craziest builds we have yet! This is Jay Perry’s 2005 STihttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com in house Engine builder and Tuner of AJW Performance. Jay decided to pull all the stops with this one. Everything has been reworked from last seasons setuphttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com for referencehttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com Precision 6265https://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com Wiseco pistonshttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com stock heads/camshttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com stock ecu full weight driver running 504whp. <- Dont believe me?


First 10 Second pass:


At the end of last summerhttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com Jay had the car tuned at 535whp (will get the dyno printout). Out cruising one day it was time for a launchhttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com spinning tireshttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com he heard a big bang. Pull over and get the car towed home and find a forged rod right through the block! Oops. Time for a bullet proof build! We sat down and planned out parts and got them flowing.

This new setup should push Jay’s beast to 6XX+ on our local mustang dyno. Howeverhttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com I wont talk about numbers until its broken in and fully tuned.


Subaru OEM 2011 Block halves

ACL Race Main bearings

ACL Race Rod Bearings

Pauter Rods

Wiseco Pistons

ARP Case studs

ARP Head Studs

GSC Power Stage 3 cams

GSC Power Valve Springs and retainer kit

GSC Power Std size valves

OEM Oil Cooler

Killer B Baffle

Killer B Oil Pickup

Gates Timing kit with race belt

Torque Solutions Motor Mounts

Torque Solutions Pitch Stop Mount

OEM Gasket kit

Ported heads

Ported exhaust


Injector Dynamics 2200cc Injectors

Walbro 400lph fuel pump

T1 Racing Fuel Rails

Aeromotive Fuel Pressure regulator

An fittings

Braided lines


Mishimoto Radiator

Mishimoto Radiator hoses

160 Thermostat


Cooling Mist Meth Kithttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com 250psi Pump- Custom Setup


Precision 6466 Ceramic Ball bearing turbo

KS Tech 83mm intake

Tial Q By Pass Valve

Hallman Pro RX Boost controller

OMNI 4bar Map Sensor


SlowBoy Racing Rotated Downpipe

SlowBoy Racing External Wastegate uppipe

Tial 44mm External Wastegate

Tomei Expreme Ti Catback (11 lbs)

Perrin Header (wrapped)


ACT Extreme Clutch Kit

ACT Streetlite FW

Torque Solutions Transmission mounts

6 Speed STi Transmission with 07 STi Gear stack (taller gears)

PST Carbon Fiber DriveShaft

Engine Management:

Current- Stock ECUhttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com Custom Jay Perry tune

Next step (already purchasehttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com harness made up) AEM EMS


10 Point Chromeoly Roll Cage (60 lbs totalhttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com painted black)

GForce Harnesses

GForce Window Net

Weight Reduction:

Seibon Carbon Fiber trunk

Carbon Fiber Vortex Generator

Braile Battery

AMS Battery Relocator


Street- Rota SVN 18×9.5

Hankook Ventus V12 245/40

Track- 05 STi BBS Wheels silver

Hoosier Drag Radials

Have any questions about the build let us know and well be happy to answer any questions. This car will be out at the drag strip this summer kicking ass and taking names. Be ready for it!

Wicked Big Meet – The big cheddah!

June 10th 2012 marked the 6th Wicked Big Meet that AJW Performance has attended and it has yet to fail as one of the best events of the year. Tons of great peoplehttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com tons of awesome cars and lots of errhmmm safe driving. The night before we were busy loading up cars and parts into trailers and detailing our cars to make sure they were show worthy.

We left Sunday Morning at 630 sharp from Fairhaven with 5 Subaru’s and 2 trucks loaded with peoplehttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com parts and cars to set up and display for the masses. It was already a beautiful morning and our excitement level was high!

 Making a quick pit stop at the Charlton Plaza to fill up on some diesel and let everyone go to the bathroom. There was well over 100 Subarus at this rest area. Enough to make us wonder if they changed the location of Wicked Big Meet.

Final descent:

A couple stops later and we hit the end of the line of traffic getting into Wicked Big Meet. Oops. Its 9 am and we should have already been setup.

We take over the role of “those guys” and bypass 2 miles of traffic in the left lane. Sorryhttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com Im not sorry.

Finally we arrive and unpack all of our partshttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com tentshttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com tables and chairs and begin setting up. I want to stop right here and thank all of our friends who came with us and played an active roll in setting up. This gave Andrew and I a chance to discuss car placement and how we would run things for the rest of the day.

This was by far my favorite Wicked Big Meet just based on the awesome crew of people we had with us. The help and support you guys gave us was awesome and took a big weight off of our shoulders. With some parts soldhttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com plenty of sun soaked into our skin we ended the day and headed back to Mass around 4oclock. The cruise home was a blast and we ended the evening with a nice team dinner!

We look forward to next summers Wicked Big Meet!

Note: If you have pictures youd like me to post in this threadhttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com leave a message below or give  me a shout! Tim@ajwperformanceproducts.com

Thanks again!