AJay’s 2011 WRX

Sometime last year I came across a thread on NASIOC.com with a young man looking to have his car stored while he was deployed overseas fighting for our countries freedom. Through messages I spoke with AJay for over a year while he was awayhttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com checking in on him and talking about his plans for the WRX for when he returned home. The car is a 2011 WRX. Plans are a nice drivable stage 2 setup. We decide on the parts and get everything ordered up.

Here is the list:

  • TurboXS Turboback exhaust
  • AEM Cold air intake
  • Forge By pass valve
  • GrimmSpeed Electronic boost control solenoid
  • DeatschWerks new 65C direct drop in fuel pump
  • SMY Clustermaker
  • Defi Red Boost gauge
  • AEM Wideband

With this set in stone and a dynotune appointment with Bren of BrenTuning we set to work yesterday afternoon to get him ready to roll. AJay had originally wanted to do the install by himself to get the experience and enjoy wrenching on his own car. Unfortunately he was a little short on time having just returned to the states and needed to see all the family he missed while he was away and also prepare for a move across country.

We were more than happy to fit him in and assist him. The job was to install his turboback and get that ready. The TurboXS exhaust is a real quality piece and offers a really nice tone. Not too loud but certainly brings out the boxer rumble! Installation went well and we button everything up for him. With a good headstart AJay is going to finish up the installation of a few parts with a couple of friends. We have made ourselves available whenever to assist him with any questions he may have during installation to make things easier. Cant wait to see what kind of magic Bren will work on this car.

We wish you the best of luck with your move AJay!

Andrew’s Nissan 350Z Nismo Edition

Little while back we joined up on My350Z.com to do some advertising and promotion of AJW Performance and our extensive product line. During our time on the forums there we met Andrew Pierce who owns this beautiful Nismo Z. Andrew was one of the few non Subarus at our grand opening in October of 2011 and offered some serious eye candy for us Subaru owners.

Here are some pics from the meet and how it looked before our work.



After Andrew found a nice Subaru to daily drive he tucked the Z away in storage for the winter with some plans for the summer. Coilovershttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com camber armshttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com rear fender roll and some new wheels. He was lucky enough to get in touch with Sportline for a nice set of their light weight performance wheels. 19×9.5 in the front 19×10.5 in the rear on Ventus V12 tires in black. All I can say is WOW. These wheels are nice and really sets the car off.

His coilover of choice; ISC N1 coilovers with the street sport spring rate to set him off with a nice stance. The rear fenders had a big lip that needed to be dealt with. Set the heat at 90 in the shop to acclimate the paint. Bust out the Eastwood fender roller and heat gun and get set to roll. Taking our time to make sure this came out perfect and boy did they!

Getting prepped in the front and letting it get warmed up


Coilovershttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com rear camber arms and wheels reinstalled and this thing looks great.





Overall this was a great car to work on. Everything went very smooth and the installation was a breeze. Next up on the slate is a fresh alignment to account for the camber arms and new set of coilovers and the Z will be good to go!


ISC Coilovers on Steve’s 2012 STi









Today we installed ISC N1 Street coilovers on Steve’s 2012 STi.

The 8/6 street springs are a great choice for someone looking for a combination of streetable ride quality and agressive weekend auto-x or track days.

The ISC N1 Coilovers have 32 way adjustable dampeninghttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com front camberhttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com and pillowball upper mounts all standard.

The 3 inch height range allows for significant height adjust ability and in return can allow the driver to obtain whichever ride height they preferhttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com for numerous purposes whether it be streethttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com trackhttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com or stance. Body roll is immediately decreased and the ride becomes firmerhttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com and connects you to the tarmac in a much more effective manner  than the stock suspension.

When purchased from AJW Performance the thrust bearing upgrade kits also is freehttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com which is normally a 55.00 item. The thrust bearing kit gives the front pillowball mounts another point of rotationhttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com and in return gives a nice smooth and quiet ride.

These coilovers are a great option for someone looking to spend under 1500.00https://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com great bang for the buck option.