December 10th 2011- Kevin’s 2006 STi Motor Build

Kevin’s STi came to us a couple months back with a moderate knock and miss fires in all 4 cylinders. Although his motor was build before by¬† a different shop we could tell that internally something just was not right with it.

His vehicle has some nice parts which contributed to making this car capable of a lot of power such as:

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APS Front Mount Intercooler

APS Intake

Forced Performance FP Green

Invidia Turboback Exhaust

DW Injectors

Walbro 255

Open Source AJW Performance Tune


Kevin’s got built from the ground up with new forged pistons buckets timing belt kit gasket kit crank + more.

The car will be coming back to us for a more aggressive tune since it is now past break in stay tuned for it’s high power end results!

(video coming soon)