Two Performance Alignments in Two Days!

This week we had an interesting couple of alignments. John, a new customer brought his BRZ here for a performance alignment and then scheduled his second car for an alignment the next day! John was so impressed with our alignments that he told one of his close autocross buddies who also scheduled an alignment.


With the way some local alignment shops are it can be difficult to get what you want out of an alignment especially for Autocross which is what John was looking for. It is also important for autocrossers to get the most out of an alignment because adding aftermarket parts can sometimes take them out of the bracket that they are currently competing in. This leaves you with camber bolts and creative thinking. We are pleased to say that John left here happy and we look forward to working with him into the future.

AJW Performance has a lot of experience working on BRZ and autocross cars. We also have first hand knowledge of what you need to get a good drift car going as well. Below you can see our BRZ at this past weekend’s Clubloose North Event.


The BRZ is a fantastic platform for drifters and autocross alike! We’ve been working on these for awhile now so let us know if you need a solid alignment or even a build for your BRZ! We are here and we are ready to work on your summer build!


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