Super Meet 7 @ AJW Performance

Saturday May 12th 2012 marked a big day at AJW Performance. Starting at around 9am cars from all over the New England area came cruising in to our facility to enjoy a day filled with sun delicious food fun and our common hobby; Cars.



New England Subarus being the organizing party showed up bright and early to help us out with parking setup and going over the plan for the day. Throughout the day overĀ  130 cars poured into the lot behind the shop and at Factory Five Racing. Music was blasting through the parking lot people were shining up their cars and having a good time. DRT Components made an appearance a local growing company specializing in Mudflaps Harness bars skid plates and light bars.

Throughout the day people bombarded the showroom checking out new parts for their car hanging with friends and enjoying the events. Tshirts cozies and other things were thrown into the crowd. A homemade bake sale kept peoples stomachs full until lunch time. A tradition with NES is the frozen Tshirt contest with the winner getting free food for the day and a free shirt. The shirts are soaked in water tied in a knot and then frozen overnight first one to break it free of the knot and put it on wins! After 6.5 grueling minutes of pounding the Tshirts on the pavement Ben Bertrand emerged the winner!

Finally lunch arrived around 1pm. Fresh Riccardis Italian food was on the menu for the afternoon. A nice antipasto Lasagna and enough pizza to fill everyone up along with ice cold water to wash it all down. Cant hate that!

All day long Factory Five Racing had their warehouse open to customers to check out their GTM Super car use the restrooms and also to witness the future of the Subaru community; the 818 Kit car. Please believe that these guys know what theyre doing when it comes to building a car. Not one cent is spared in making sure that their cars are built to perfection. The 818 uses all Subaru running gear motor transmission hubs etc. This thing is sure to be a go cart with a sexy body to complete the kit. Jim the designer of the 818 was on tap all day to answer questions and premier their new car. I want to extend a big thank you to these guys for all of their hard work in helping us with our event opening up their lot to us as well as their warehouse. Factory Five Race for the win!

Check out owner and CEO Dave Smith’s blog post on FFR’s website:

To finish off the day we finished the awards for the car show called out the raffle for NES and raffled off a set of ISC N1 coilovers for $10. Overall this day was a great success. An awesome event for fellow Subaru owners with over 130 cars throughout the day! Stay tuned for our next event here at AJW Performance!

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