Service Spotlight; Corner Balancing

Corner Balancing is an integral part of racing and important if you want your vehicle to handle evenly. Corner Balancing isn’t done on OEM cars, rather it is done on performance cars with aftermarket springs and struts because they have the ability to be adjusted so that you can even out the ride. A properly corner balanced car will handle evenly in left and right corners and allow you to drive your car better.

AJW Performance offer Corner Balancing services to our customers at the rate of $75 per hour using AJW or ISC products, and $95 per hour using another brands products.


If you are interested, reach out to AJW Performance at 603-715-9076. We are available from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday and accept walk ins, but prefer call ahead. We have openings available, so come on down and get a corner balanced car for the rest of race season!


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