Scion TC Coilover Maintenance and Alignment

Today we had the ability to do some coilover maintenance on a customers Scion TC! Jesse came to us when he knew his car was ready for an alignment and also for adjustments on his ISC N1 coilovers. Jesse had them installed by a non performance company, so he wanted us to check them and provide our protective tek wax service to make sure his coilovers were prepped for a long life on the streets.


The Scion TC2 is a very nice car, and Jesse’s is super clean. This scion features the 5 edition body kit. A special edition body kit only available on certain scion makes. The kit adds aggressiveness to the body, and matched with Jesse’s wheels on 15mm ISC rear spacers provides a unique and staggered look to the car. It’s a real looker!


After taking a peek at the coilovers we found that the previous mechanic did indeed anti-seize them, but we applied a little extra in spots that were not full lubricated for additional insurance. The alignment went well too, and Jesse was happy to be driving straight again after we serviced his coilovers. It’s important to note that any changes to coilovers will require a re-alignment even if you try and get the coilovers as close as possible to what they were before the removal or changes.


We’ve got some open availability coming soon! So give us a call for all of your alignment needs! AJW Performance has you covered, and we also provide free alignment checks. Unsure if your alignment is off? Give us a call at 603-715-9076

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