Scion FRS Headers, Overpipe, Springs, and More!

This week we had the pleasure of working with James Robertson and doing some parts installs on his Scion FRS (GT86). James’s car was really clean and simple to work on! The car was red, and featured some nice aerodynamic features such as TRD winglets, a front, side, and rear diffuser, as well as a Greddy Rear Wing.


The TRD Winglets add some aggressive flair to the front of the vehicle.


You can tell James is a fan of the true car’s heritage, the Scion badges have ben replaced with the Toyota emblem from a GT86.


The Greddy rear wing is one of our favorites, it’s not too out there but it isn’t just a simple lip either.

James got the following mods during his visit with us:

Eibach Lowerings Springs + Performance Alignment

Tomei Headers

Tomei Overpipe

Kartboy Short Throw Shifter

James chose some nice pieces for his FRS. The car already has an exhaust, so the headers and overpipe will add some much needed power and throttle response to the car. Tomei Expreme headers are really nice pieces with great welds. They’re truly a work of art and the overpipe really makes for a full setup.



James also decided to go with a Kartboy Short throw shifter. Kartboy is currently one of the only companies with a short throw shifter on the market for the BRZ. It’s a good quality piece and will shorten the throws of Jame’s FRS by quite a bit. This also comes with the rear shifter bushing for positive shift reinforcement.


James also opted to go with the Open Flash Tablet. The Open Flash Tablet offers up to 20 hp as well as improved drive-ability. It also includes OTS maps, a high-res touchscreen, data logging, and is 100% reversible and plug and play. We are dealers for Open Flash Tablet and it can be purchased on our website here: Open Flash Tablet


We decided to do a small photo shoot with our BRZ and James’s they looked great together!


The car sat very nice on the Eibach springs, while we prefer coilovers the car still looked very nice!


James was really happy with the service we did and wrote a little review! “Drove a little over an hour to have a few aftermarket components installed on my vehicle. The shop was professional, with a great display of the products they offer, everyone was friendly and work was completed in a fraction of the time I was quoted elsewhere. The work was done correct and well documented. I couldn’t have been happier with Andrew and the whole team at AJW. I highly recommend them for any Subaru/Toyota needs, or any platform for that matter.

Thank you James! Do you need work done on your car? Give us a call at 603-715-9076 or contact us at!

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