New Product Line: Sabelt

AJW Performance is proud to announce that it will be adding Sabelt to it’s line card!


Sabelt started in the 1970s as a family company. Their name stems from the words “Safety” and “Belt”. Sabelt became a leading player in the cinture di sicurezza sector in Italy and in 1973 they began created seatbelts for Lancia. Meanwhile the seat belt and performance safety sector began to boom and pick up speed. In 1980s they became associated with TRW, one of the larges suppliers of automotive components. Seat belts became mandatory in Italy which increased the need for safety equipment. They began designing systems for Children as well as for Rally, and Formula 1 vehicles. In the 1990s they began creating accessories such as shoes, gloves, race suits, and other complementary items to their safety line up. In the 2000s Sabelt joined the Brembo Group and began to partner with Ferrari Stable which allowed them to supply uniforms and safety equipment to the team of drivers and pit mechanics. Their drive to continually improve allowed for the debut of the Abarth Corse seat which is the result of two Italian brands Brembo and Sabelt who share a desire for innovation, use of technology, and quality products.

Sabelt is an innovative company that creates great seats and accessories for automotive enthusiasts, racers, and more. Their brand is known for it’s ability to performance and we are proud to carry their products.

Below you will find some of their popular products that we now offer:

The Sabelt GT-130 and GT-140, fiberglass non-halo seat. The GT-130 is available only in large but features less aggressive siding for ease of getting in and out of the vehicle. The GT-140 comes in medium, large, and extra large. It has better side support for track and spirited driving.

These two seats compete with the Recaro Pole Position and the Profi, you can see that the Pole Position does not feature the same ease of access as the GT-130, making the GT-130 more desirable for individuals looking for a dual purpose seat. The GT-130 also has a lower price tag than the Recaro.

The same can be said with the GT-140 and the Recaro Profi XL.

Sabelt seats also feature a new ergonomic cushion, the normal two piece design is changed to one piece to improve lumbar filling of seat and drivers comfort. Horizontal seams help the circulation of air and reduces back perspiration.

You can also find the entire catalog of Sabelt items in our store, or view the catalog below.

Sabelt 2015 catalog

Questions? Give us a call at 603-715-9076 and we will be happy to help you find the perfect Sabelt product for you car!

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