Klaus Schuler Rotated Build

After a long night of hard work, determination, and intensity we have finished Kalus Schuler Jrs Motor build! The build like every build comes with its fair share of challenges however we were able to successfully provide Klaus Jr with a motor that can easily put down 450 WHP. On the break in map the car made over 300 WHP at just 14 PSI. That’s impressive, and the GTX3076R is a formidable turbocharger! Below you will find a list of modifications that we used for Kalus’s build to get him to his goal. The primary item backing this enormous amount of power was Klaus’s Perrin Rotated Kit. These kits are special order items only, however with Perrin’s rotated tuner kit you can choose your own turbo and waste gate for some customization!

Tomiaka AOS

DW 1,000cc injectors

Full turboback Exhaust (COBB with Perrin rotated DP)

Perrin EL Headers

Tial 44mm EWG

Tial Q BOV

AJW Performance Stage 1 Shortblock w/ Manley Pistons, Stock Bore

Gates Timing Belt Kit
OEM Gasket Kit

ARP Headstuds

Torque Solutions Timing Belt Guide

Orbit Oil Pump

AJW Performance TGV Deletes

AJW Performance Air Pump Delete

AJW Performance Alignment

For AJW Performance Special services like the three items above, please e-mail info@ajwperformanceproducts.com

Clutch Masters FX300 Clutch


The Motor and Turbo are in!



Perrin Performance makes a very nice Header!


A photo of the mounting point for the turbo and the rotated downpipe



An FX300 Clutch ties the rest of the build together! The FX300 is our personal favorite clutch.

In conclusion this was a wonderful build! We really enjoy taking on the challenge of bringing Klaus’s car back better than ever. We have open availability for motor builds, so if your Subaru is in trouble let the experts take care of it for you! Give us a call at 603-715-9076 and we would be happy to help you!




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