ISC Coilovers on Steve’s 2012 STi









Today we installed ISC N1 Street coilovers on Steve’s 2012 STi.

The 8/6 street springs are a great choice for someone looking for a combination of streetable ride quality and agressive weekend auto-x or track days.

The ISC N1 Coilovers have 32 way adjustable dampening front camber and pillowball upper mounts all standard.

The 3 inch height range allows for significant height adjust ability and in return can allow the driver to obtain whichever ride height they prefer for numerous purposes whether it be street track or stance. Body roll is immediately decreased and the ride becomes firmer and connects you to the tarmac in a much more effective mannerĀ  than the stock suspension.

When purchased from AJW Performance the thrust bearing upgrade kits also is free which is normally a 55.00 item. The thrust bearing kit gives the front pillowball mounts another point of rotation and in return gives a nice smooth and quiet ride.

These coilovers are a great option for someone looking to spend under 1500.00 great bang for the buck option.




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